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Jericho/Steph Theory-Basically why I think that there might be stuff going on more than meets the cameras
Credit to:Melissa

***This is purely for fun, Im not saying that they are actually together, or having an affair or anything like that, Im just stating instances where it seems like they could be more, maybe just really close friends, Im not backstage so I dont know. If you dont like the idea of them, or think youll find this offensive, dont read it. Im not stating anything as fact, these are simply opinions from an observant Jericho/Stephanie fan. I thought you might get a good laugh. Some of these have probably already been said and stated, but well, Im saying it again.

Invasion- When Jericho is fighting, Stephanie magically appears to the side of the ring where Jericho happens to be fighting, and she does not do this for anyone else, her wrestlers or not. When Jericho is down and starting to get up you can see Stephanie clapping, but not outright clapping, she claps like shes trying to hide something, and she is obviously looking at Jericho. Then as soon as she knows Jericho is going to tag in someone else she decides that she is going back to the area around the announcers table where Heyman and Shane are.

The Kiss- If you notice right at the end she does start to kiss him back, now unless this was scripted to the last detail, why would she kiss him back if she is supposed to hate him kissing her? Another point is the way he is holding her. Now, you dont expect him to just man handle her because well this is scripted, and she is the bosss daughter, but if you notice, he holds her very gently, almost as if he doesnt want to hurt her.

The Kiss 2- Another kiss, hmmm. This one was longer than the first and seemed to have less resistance than the first, again Stephanie kisses him back. And Jericho makes sure to hold onto her until she is safely to the floor. If he is supposed to hate her and despise her, why would he take such care to make sure she lands safely on the floor. He could have just left her on the apron, but he didnt.

Both kisses (the second one in particular)- Stephs the head writer/booker, so she basically comes up with storylines and the such. So why does she script kissing Jericho into the script. Yes, she was in a quasi-feud with him at Summerslam, but did that warrant a kiss? And why after the kiss, was it never mentioned, never discussed, forgotten. It would seem pretty pointless to script a kiss between Jericho and Stephanie, if there was going to be no follow-up, considering the follow-up of the first kiss. This may suggest that she just wanted to kiss him for her own pleasure.

The CTV show on Jericho before WM- Apparently on the show Stephanie McMahon, the person not the character said that Jericho was good-looking. Now I have not seen this segment, but did read a recap of it, so if this is wrong, Im sorry. On this show she said something to the affect of Jericho is good looking and attractive. The recap said that she was talking about their feud, and how he likes playing a heel almost as much as he does. Why is it so important that she mention hes good-looking. What does that have to do with being a good heel, there have been plenty of heels who arent good-looking (I wont name names). Now she tries to cover up by saying that makes him very marketable. Ok, Steph, we believe you. 

Now, Im not going to go specifically into every show, but kind of generalize for multiple occurrences, but I will mention some particulars.

Raw- August 13, 2001- This is the Raw where Jericho makes fun of Stephs implants. During the match between Y2J & The Rock vs. Booker T & Rhyno, there is a spot that calls for Jericho to put Stephanie in the Walls. Now this isnt that unusual except for the fact that Stephanie is in a dress. Now she had to have known she was going to be put in the Walls, because hell she writes the stuff, so why in Gods name would she wear a dress, knowing its going to give Jericho an eyeful when he put her in the Walls. Now, she could of doubled up on underwear or something, and Jericho might not have looked, but still in the following pics, it surely doesnt look like hes averting his eyes.

Smackdown-October 18, 2001-After the Stephanie/Jericho/Rock segment, Steph leaves in a big huff, saying she hates both of them. Right before she goes Jericho says, Thanks for the mammories (sp?) Steph and right after that he licks his lips. Now maybe they were dry and he wanted to wet them. Ok, that could be a plausible excuse, but right after he sees Steph leave, in a see-through lace top with her bra showing, hmm not likely. As evidenced by pics below.

Smackdown-September 27, 2001- Jericho is involved in a Hardcore match with RVD, where Stephanie proceeds to interfere, only to get injured time and time again. Now in various parts of this match where Steph gets hurt, you can see Jericho checking on Steph. Now he could be making sure shes out of the way, but again, he checks on her when hes getting pinned, and theres no danger to her there. Also when she falls out of the ring, Jericho quickly gives a glance outside the ring to look at Steph, maybe to check up on her perhaps?

Various promos- During the time that Steph and Jericho hated each other, they had numerous promos together, no? Well, it seemed to be a normal occurrence for Jericho to somehow find a way to touch Stephanie, a lot of time on the face. For example, during the Unforgiven PPV, Stephanie is talking to RVDs locker room door, only to have Jericho sneak up behind her, and comment on her birthday. Before he leaves he say, the breast of luck sweetcheeks and then proceeds to pat her on the cheek. Why so much touching? Theres no need, but he still finds it necessary. Oh, and for an added bonus, if you have this PPV notice their hands on the doorway.


These are from the period where they were business partners

Unnecessary touching- This is one of the biggest things I noticed while they were together, all the touching that they seemed to do, even where it wasnt necessary. They just seemed to like to touchall the time. Case in point, the SD where Stephanie gives Jericho that fugly robe, and Jericho saves her from the Pedigree. When he grabs her and pulls her out, theres a moment where it looks like hes trying to cop a feel. As demonstrated in the picture below. Now it might not be on herumassets, but it sure as hell looks like its awfully close.

Now after that, while he has his hand around her waist, their hands are intertwined. Why would that be, it seemed kind of intimate if you ask me, you dont just intertwine your hands with just anyone. See pic below.

And in the very same promo when Jericho bends down to pick up his belts Stephanie touches him right above the tights, and I mean right above the tights. Why would she do that? There was nothing that called for that.

And in other occurrences she would always touch his stomach for no reason, because theres no reason to touch him there, even when youre making the belt sign, she didnt need to touch him.

Another time was on Raw on February 25, 2002. While HHH is insulting Stephanie, Jericho put his hand on her neck to comfort her. Now they didnt show this on Raw, but when I was watching Metal (which I like to watch btw) they showed a recap of that segment with a different camera angle and it showed him squeezing her neck in comfort. Now this can be construed as a friendly gesture, but Im trying to prove a point so just go with it.

Now there are other times, but you get the point.

The obvious checking out of each other- Pretty much self-explanatory, and this also goes for when they werent business partners. Now its natural to check someone out, but all the time, puh-lease. Every time Steph went up the stairs before Jericho, he checked her out. In the ring, she would check him out. Geez, we know youre looking at each other, give it up. Perfect example, Raw on February 25, 2002, look at Steph right after Kurt tells Jericho they have a match, and right before HHH spears Jericho.

Raw-March 25, 2002 This was the Triple Threat Match between HHH, Jericho, and Stephanie. Im going to talk about one spot in particular, where Steph falls into Jerichos crotch. Again Steph is head writer/booker, so it is very possible she wrote this spot in. Now even if she didnt write it, she and most likely him had to agree to do it. Hmm, makes you wonder. Oh, I also like when she jumps on his back and wraps her legs around him.Pictures below.

Here's a couple that i added:

The Match with Kurt Angle for the Undisputed Championship:Angle had Jericho in the Ankle lock Kane come down and beats the crap out of Kurt and puts him in the ring for the 1.2.3.Once Steph get's in the ring Jericho is somehow limping and i swear i could tell she said "Are you okay baby?" and he nodded now it might just be me seeing things once again...but hey ya never know

Here's one more "face touching moment"...she came into his lockeroom with out knocking and he says "Geez Steph i know your confortable in men's lockeroom but you can at least knock" then he giver her a little tap on the chin as the picture above shows.


"Stephanie knows her man has got it won."-King
-I thought it was interesting that King called Jericho Steph's "man" because they're just business partners.

"Jericho also says the reason HHH and Stephanie are no longer married is because of him."-Mitchell Cole
-Now I don't remember hearing Jericho say that they broke up because of him, but if they went through with the affair storyline, this would make sense.

Smackdown-Oct. 18, 2001- Jericho and Stephanie are cutting a promo together. The Rock comes out, but Jericho and Stephanie don't pay attention to the music for several seconds. What are they doing you might ask? Well, they are staring at each other that's what. That's right, they completely ignore everything, and are staring at each other, and when they finally pull away they are smiling, now what were they talking about? The world will never know.

Raw- Oct. 29, 2001- This is the Raw where Vince chooses Team WWF for Survivor Series. After Vince chooses Team WWF, Steph comes out on the ramp. If you notice before she comes out Jericho is standing in the back of the ring. Now if you look right after Steph comes out, somehow Jericho has moved himself to the front of the ring, ostensibly to get a better view of Steph. And right after this, you can see Steph smile a genuine smile, not one of her usual bitchy smirks. They cut back to a shot of Chris who suddenly has a huge smile on his face. So it seems that they are smiling at each other, I wonder about what?

HHH "The Game" DVD- Now I know what you're thinking, why in God's name did I buy the HHH DVD? Well, here's the thing, me and my brother are WW(E)F DVD whores, we buy like every single one, so I had to buy this one, not to mention the fact that there would be a lot of Steph. And not only is there a lot of Steph, there's quite a bit of Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho on it, and even some Smoochy Moments. Ok, back to the point. One of the chapters is called, "Fueding with Chris Jericho" and it's about the fued between them going into Wrestlemania. So on the DVD they have Chris talking about the fued, and keep in mind this is out of character, so Jericho is talking about the fued and says and I quote, "Well you know there was that War of the Roses scenario with Stephanie and HHH, and you know with all the wars that I've been through with Stephy verbally..." Yes, that' right, he called her Stephy. Not Stephanie, not Steph, but Stephy. Now calling her Steph, that's not that big a deal, but he didn't call her that, he called her Stephy. Now, I don't really recall anyone ever calling her Stephy, not even HHH (if he has and I don't remember, tell me). Calling her Stephy would imply that they know each other pretty well wouldn't it? I would think so. And he didn't seem to say it on accident, it looked like it was totally natural calling her Stephy. And he called her Stephanie not two seconds before so it wasn't like he called her Stephy on accident. Now, maybe everyone calls her Stephy in the back, but it seems weird that if that's what they call her that no one, in any interview has ever referred to her like that. Yet Chris Jericho is allowed to call her Stephy. That seems pretty odd if they aren't friends or something backstage. And I watched it like a hundred times, and he did say Stephy and not like Stephanie really quickly. It just seems to me that you have to be really close to someone to be able to call them pet names like that. And this was totally out of character, just a regular interview, although I've never heard him call her Stephy on camera so...

Oh, and this is just an interesting point. They showed footage from when they became business partners, and they cut footage from it, and there's actually a part where Steph holds Jericho's hand up in victory. Just thought I'd mention that.

Roxie Added this at FF:

 "Im beginning to wonder if it is to get under the skin of the Game." (sending steph the flowers)
"I think, I think that pervert Jericho has got a real serious crush on Stephanie. That kiss--that kiss."
"He was gonna try and kiss Stephanie again...Jericho's a pig, he needs to keep his tongue in his own mouth."
Uh, King, who said there was tongue involved*winkwink*

I added this...and thanks to Carrie from Perfect Princess for telling me this :)

OMG i so had to post this here Ok Carrie 4m Perfect Princess was at the WM-X8 press conferance...and that pic i posted earlier here...she said that thiers a story behind that. You see she said that Chris and Kurt where throwing papers at Stephy and blaming it on each other!!!! That is just too cute Chris throwing her papers . And if you look back at the pic you see Chris leaning back every so smoothy aiming

Elektra Added this:

And yeah, Jericho and Angle were teasing Steph. I was there. Jericho even tried to pour water on her head but she caught him and gave him an in-character 'bitch' look, then whined to Shane. Shane pretended to threaten Jericho.

Mind you this was all done without talking. Someone else was giving a speech at the time... lol. I think it was either Vince, our Mayor, or the Premiere of Ontario -- which would explain why Jericho/Angle/Steh gave us something more entertaining ^_^.

I also added this:

Oh i was listening to a sound byte today where Chris said "As far as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley is concern the word 'honor' means jump on her and stay oh her!". Now tell me again how does Chris know this

Nina added this today:

Some more interesting quotes from our announcers about Jericho and Stephanie:

"I see genuine affection there."-Lawler
Pretty self-explanatory. But at least we aren't the only ones thinking they like each other.

"I don't believe anything Jericho & Stephanie tell anybody."-Mitchell Cole
So are we not to believe they were just "business partners?" Hmmm....

Ok, after tonight, wouldn't it be cool if when Vince said he'd make it up to Jericho for taking his match, if he let Steph come back, and join Jericho. Seeing as how it's being rumored that Steph is coming back, wouldn't that be a good way to bring her back?

March 14, 2002- This is the SD right before WM, and after the Raw where Jericho hits HHH with a sledgehammer. Ok, so there is a segment between Jericho and Stephanie where they talk about what they think HHH's announcement is going to be. Besides the both of them checking each other out every five seconds, we see Jericho is wearing his "Larger than Life" T-shirt. Ok, that's fine, he's wearing his own shirt. We go to a commercial break, and then we come back to HHH in the ring cutting a promo, and in the middle Jericho and Steph come out, but what's this, Jericho suddenly has no shirt on. Now, why would he be without his shirt nary ten minutes after he was with Steph in the back. It wasn't like he was going to have a match or anything, he was simply cutting a promo. What would warrant him to take off his shirt? Hmm...makes ya think don't it?

March 25, 2002- This is the Raw with the Triple Threat Match between Jericho, Steph, & HHH. While HHH is coming down during his entrance we see Jericho standing with one of his arms on the ropes. We see Steph a few feet away. Steph starts walking towards Jericho, and Jericho leans back to talk to her. But as you can see Steph doesn't say anything before he gets to her, and yet he leans back like he knew it was her. He never turned his head, or looked over, and yet he knew it was Stephanie who was walking towards him. It's like they have a little connection between the two of them, if he knew it was her before she even came over to him

July 18, 2002-So right before he leaves, she pats him on the back, which was unnecessary, but you know how they like to touch each other. But it's kind of weird, when she does because she didn't say anything right before she did it that would warrant her patting him on the back, so I'm watching, and it looks like she's patting his lower back, and I'm like, "Well, why would she choose the lower back? It could have been a shoulder or a shake of the hand, but it was the lower back." So then my brother comes in, and says, "Well, it kind of looks like she's slapping his butt." So then the wheels start turning, and I watch it, and she could definitely have been slapping his butt. And the camera angle was such that you really couldn't tell, so the cameraman wouldn't have been able to see anything either way, and Jericho was at a distance from her, that his butt may have been the only thing she could reach. So it makes you think, what exactly she was slapping?

Fallan Added this:

You know what? I was at that RAW where he put her in the Walls with the dress on and he kept peeking at her underwear. During the commercial break, they were like staring each other down. It was so cute.


I just wanted to mention something else about the Jericho/Steph segment last night. Did you notice how his eyes lit up when she mentioned a "reward"? Now what could he have had on his mind, I wonder

July 18, 2002- Wow, for a short little segment there sure is a lot to talk about. I mean, we've got potential butt-slapping, and now this. Ok, on with the actual thing I'm supposed to be talking about. So when Jericho comes into Stephanie's dressing room, he goes to her, and wants to hug her, which she turns into a handshake. Ok, that much is clear. But if you look closer, watch Jericho's left hand. Now, to save face he touches her arm, so he doesn't look like a complete fool when she doesn't hug him. But if you notice, after he touches her arm, he moves his hand down to her hand. With his left hand he grasps her hand that is shaking his right hand. Are you still with me? So, basically what he does is grasp her hand with both of his. Now, that might not seem like anything, but why would he grasp a hand he's already shaking? Instead of putting his hand to his side or something else, he chooses to grasp her hand. And not only that, but he gives it a little squeeze. And what would the squeeze be for? It seems odd that he would go up to his "friend" and grasp their hand in both of his, and give it a squeeze, unless there was more to that little gesture than we know, hmmm? And why would he try to make it so imperceptible that no one would be able to tell? I'll let you decide.

July 25, 2002- Ok, now this scene was really, really hard to find something in, but when I say I'll find something, I'll find something. Now I actually found a few things, and I'll probably put those up in the future, but I thought I'd focus on one thing in particular. Now in this particular scene Stephanie comes up to Jericho and asks him if he's happy. Now there's one part where Steph is kind of leaning over, and you can see, cleavage, and we can also see Jericho trying not to look, and then taking a quick peek. As soon as he looks back up at her face, we see him lick his lips. Now, what is that all about? Why is he licking his lips, unless he sees something he likes. This brings us back to another incident where he saw her in a see-thru lace top, and he licked his lips again. Either he has very dry lips, and should invest in some chapstick, or he likes the view.

March 25, 2002- Let's go back to that memorable Triple Threat Match between Jericho, Stephanie and HHH. There's so much stuff in that one match alone it's unbelievable. Ok, now during one part of the match Jericho gets knocked out of the ring, and HHH tries to take advantage by trying to give Steph the Pedigree. Alas, he fails, and Jericho pulls her out of the ring. Then he checks to make sure she's ok. He puts his hand on her shoulder and makes sure she's ok. Now right before HHH hits him from behind, Jericho moves his hand down to right above her assets. Now you can look at this as he knows he's getting ready to push her, but he could have pushed her just as well if he had his hand on her shoulder could he not? And you can look at it like he just inadvertantly moved his hand down, but when HHH hits him, his hand moves down, and he gets to cop a feel. Now, this could have been an accident, or Jericho is a very smart man, and knows how to use other people hitting him to his advantage.

July 25, 2002- Ok, the segment starts with us seeing Stephanie walking down a hallway, and she spots Jericho sitting there. Now her eyes do light up when she sees him, but that's another story for another day. When she's walking over to him, you can clearly see her giving him the once over, and right after that you see her either licking her lips, puckering up her lips, or both. Now there a few reasons why this could be. She could of liked what she saw (and why wouldn't she, she was looking at Jericho for God's sake), or she could have been making sure that she looked good for him (and why wouldn't she, it was Jericho after all). But it's very clear that she does something with her mouth right after looking at Jericho. Maybe trying not to drool.


This is Nina's theory NOT mine! I only added the last two theory's as i explianed.
If you would like to take this theory for your site please give credit to Nina and this site.
She workerd hard to get everything down and i think it will be a shame for some one
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