The Legend and The Princess



My Predictions for PPV's

King of The Ring

June 22,2002


Undertaker vs HHH
Undsiputed Championship

I'm saying That Damn Good self proclaimed HHH will win this Elketra said...another boring title regin and a promo to to make us fall asleep about how greta he is and that that title is his religon and all that other boring crap

Hogan vs Kurt Angle

I'm saying Angle will win this a submission Ankle Lock will break Hogan's ankle in half like a twig....cuz like Elektra said Grandpa has had the best of Angle since like forever and well see the True American Win oh It's True It's Damn True!

Ric Flair vs Mr.Mullet Himself Eddie

I'm saying Eddie will win this one...not clean Benoit will interfeer cuz of all the nasty things they told Ric last monday night on RAW...or Vise-versa Benoit Might turn on Edddie *shrugs*

Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly
Woman's Title

As much as i love both of these woman. I'm giving this to Molly she deserves this. I mean she's one hell of a wrestler and yet they haven't given her a title shot? C'mon!

Hurricane vs Jaime Noble
Cruseirway Championship

Hmmmmm.....I think Noble will win this...not that i don't have the faith in The Hurricane but that psyco chick of Nidia on Jaimes Corner she might interfeer and cost Hurricane the match making Jaime win the title

King Of The Ring Tournament

RVD vs Chris Jericho

I'm so seeing Jericho winning this one!...and no not cuz I love the guy but because dude this will so totally top off his carrer him becoming KORT 2002!....Jericho will win with a submission...oh let's say maybe the Walls...or he might win...but not cleanly...some help from a friend if RVD wins...ohhhh i will be one PO'd Jerichoholic

Test vs The Next Boring Thing Brock Lesner

Brock will win this one....yeah that's all lol

KORT Finals
Chris Jericho vs Borck Lesner

Knowing the WWE...they will give this win to Brock....But i'm so confidendt as Jericho was on Smack Down that he will win this...not only being KORT 2002 and toping off his carrer...but getting a shot to what is his....The Undisputed Championship at Summer Slam

Or this could this is my what if bare with me lol....Heyman will interfeer...then out of no where Steph come out and slaps Heyman silly!...and Jericho wins

Well those are my predictions

Till Next mont cya :)

Woooo-hooo i own something again!...this is MY prediction ya know lol