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PPV Results

Vengeance Results  7/21/02

Match #1 King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam
A huge RVD chant erupted after Van Dams music cut and the match got started. They locked up and Jericho synched in the arm bar, but RVD turned it around and whipped Jericho off the ropes, but got nailed with a shoulder block. RVD hit an arm drag takedown and then a dropkick and then both got back to a vertical base.

Jericho slapped RVD in the face and he hit him with a standing kick. Jericho then went off the ropes and nailed a flying forearm and then a spinning heel kick. He then went for a high-risk move and missed and went sailing through the ropes to the outside and RVD took this opportunity and hit Jericho with a plancha from the inside of the ring.

They got back into the ring and Van Dam got up top for a high-risk move and Jericho pushed the ref into the ropes to knock the IC champion down onto the top turnbuckle. Jericho hit a double-arm superplex and then went for the roll-up and got a 2-count. A Jericho Sucks chant started as Y2J worked over RVD in the corner. RVD got a shot to the eyes and then rolled up Jericho for a 2-count.

Jericho took down RVD and then exposed the turnbuckle by removing the pad. The referee tried to fix it and got a late start on the roll up pinning combination from Rob Van Dam. Jericho unraveled the tape on his wrist and used it to choke out RVD. RVD started to mount some offense, but it was halted by a hip toss from Jericho. Jericho then went for a spear and missed and nailed the turnbuckle post.

Van Dam finally hit a spinning heel kick and then a springboard kick to the face and went for the pin, but only got a 2-count. RVD connected with another kick and then a standing moonsault and another 2-count on the pin attempt. Jericho then connected with the inzuguri and got a 2-count. RVD missed a kick and Jericho German suplexed him and got yet another 2-count.

Jericho was caught in the middle of a move and flopped down across the ropes and then RVD hit a split legged moonsault. Jericho tried to get the Walls of Jericho locked in and RVD rolled him up and nearly got the victory. RVD countered a dropkick and tried to catapult Jericho, but he landed on the ropes and went for a dropkick, but missed and RVD took him down, but Jericho countered and rolled him up and used the ropes for leverage on the pin and nearly won.

RVD hit a martial arts kick and went for the 5-Star Frog Splash and missed. Jericho hit the Lionsault and could only get a 2-count on the pin. RVD tried to hit the Hurricanrana but Jericho caught him and went for the Walls of Jericho, but RVD got the ropes and was let free. They battled near the turnbuckle and finally Jericho was knocked down and RVD hit the Frog Splash and got the 3-count to win the match. Van Dam advances to the King of the Ring finals.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

After the match, Jerry Lawler interviewed Van Dam and asked him who he would rather face in the Finals for the King of the Ring. He said he didnt care if it was Test, Lesnar, Godzilla, or anyone because no one would keep him from being the King. Jericho then got up and attacked him and left RVD hurting in the ring.

Heyman and Brock Lesnar were in the back and they were mocking that RVD somewhat referred to Brock as Godzilla. Heyman told Brock was wasnt a fake thing and no one realized that and that he was going to be the King of the Ring.

Match #2 King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Test
Brock and Test stood face-to-face in the ring. They locked up and Brock backed Test up into the corner and then rammed his shoulder into Test repeatedly. Test hit a clothesline and then went for a series of blows and then the big boot, but missed and Lesnar got out of the ring. Heyman gave The Next Big Thing some words of wisdom and then he got back in the ring and missed a clothesline and Test capitalized and got the big man down in the corner.

Lesnar went at Test and he got nailed with an elbow. Lesnar took down Test and he kicked away at him in the middle of the ring. Brock then hit a suplex and went for the pin, but only got a 2-count. Lesnar hit a back-breaker, but he came right back with an atomic drop.

Brock then hit a clothesline and went right back on the offensive. Lesnar threw blows at Test and then he countered and hit a sidewalk slam on him in the middle of the ring, but they were both slow getting up. Test clotheslined Brock in the corner and then hit a Full-Nelson slam. Test then went for his finisher, but Lesnar countered and broke free. Test then did hit the Pump Handle Slam and Brock barely kicked out at 2.

Lesnar then got whipped off the ropes and Test hit him with the biggest boot to the face of all time and he kicked out at the last possible second. Heyman then distracted Test and Brock hit his finisher and pinned Test to win the match and advance to the Finals of the King of the Ring to face Rob Van Dam.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

The Coach was in the backstage area and went into the Raw locker room and he asked Buh Buh Ray Dudley what he thought about two Raw brand stars making it to the finals of the King of the Ring. He said it was great and he thinks that Lesnar is too tough for RVD to get past. He then said he wishes it was him and he would find another way to make an impact tonight.

Lance Storm and Christian were then in the back going on about how it was supposed to be a Canadian final of Jericho vs. Test. They then went on to criticize America and they said everyone hates this country and as Canadians, they had to rise above it.

Match #3 Cruiserweight Title Match
The Hurricane vs. Jamie Knoble w/ Nidia
The match started off and the two locked up and Hurricane got the advantage. Hurricane nailed Knoble with several kicks to the head. Nidia then tried to pull the foot of Hurricane and this brought him out of the ring after her. Knoble then got a cheapshot. Knoble had the advantage in the ring and whipped Hurricane into the corner and then looked to the crowd for approval.

Knoble hit a snap suplex and then went for the pin, but only got a 2-count. Hurricane rolled up Knoble and he kicked out and went right back on the attack. Knoble countered a move from Hurricane and nailed a back suplex and went for the pin again, but he kicked out. Knoble then locked in a submission hold but Hurricane got to his feet and hit an arm drag takedown.

Knoble then hit a jawbreaker and then locked in a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Hurricane then landed a neckbreaker and then hit a flying clothesline. Hurricane slammed Knoble into the turnbuckle and then hit a splash off the ropes, but only got a 2-count. Hurricane went to finish him, but Knoble countered and hit the German suplex with a bridge and nearly got the victory. Hurricane grabbed his cape and then Nidia pulled it away from him from outside of the ring.

Hurricane suplexed Knoble to the outside and then hit a plancha from the top rope. Knoble got back in the ring and hit the baseball slide on Hurricane and then took him up to the ropes to go for a suplex. They landed in the middle of the ring and Hurricane went up top and got caught and Knoble hit the powerbomb. He went for the pin and Hurricane got his foot on the ropes, but Nidia knocked it off and Knoble won the title.
Winner: Jamie Knoble

Terri Runnels interviewed Eddie Guererro in the back and showed a clip of him and Chris Benoit attacking Ric Flair on Raw. She asked him if he was worried because Flair was obviously mad over what happened and he said he didnt care and said hi to 20 member of his family and bragged about being in the best condition of his life. He said Flair cant even do half of the moves he can in the ring.

Match #4 Ric Flair vs. Eddie Guererro
Eddie got the upperhand in the opening minutes of the match and knocekd Flair to the outside to regroup. They locked up and Eddie backed him up into the corner and Flair turned it around and hit knife-edge chops on Eddie until he rolled out of the ring to get away. Flair then got him back in the ring and threw blows at him in the corner and then nailed him with a low blow.

Flair hit numerous knife-edge chops Eddie and he got out of the ring yet again to regroup. He got back into the ring and hit a takedown and then a front face-lock. Flair countered and nailed a vertical suplex on Eddie and then he got up and dropkicked the Nature Boy in the knee. He then continued and worked on the knee of Flair.

Eddie dragged Flair to the turnbuckle and wrapped his legs around the ringpost and then took a shot to the sternum. Eddie got the knee of Flair on the ropes and then worked on it more. Eddie then got Flair in his own move, the Figure Four leglock. Flair finally got to the ropes and broke the hold and then Eddie got right up and hit a neckbreaker on Flair.

Eddie leaped at Flair and he elevated him right over the ropes to the outside. Eddie got back in the ring and took down Flair. He went to the top rope and went for his finisher, the Frog Splash, but missed the move and Flair got his knee on the ropes and started to work on it. Chris Benoit then made his way down the ramp right as Flair locked Eddie in the Figure 4 Leglock.

Eddie finally reached the bottom rope and the hold was released by Flair. Eddie went for the backslide and Flair got free and then went for a pinning combination of his own and Eddie powered out of it. Eddie got up on the top turnbuckle and hit the Tornado DDT and went for the pin, but Flair got his foot on the rope.

Benoit jerked Flair out of the ring while Eddie had the referee distracted and got him in the Crippler Crossface. The referee came out and didnt see what happened, but made Benoit leave to the locker room area. Buh Buh Ray Dudley then snuck into the ring and Buh Buh Bombed Eddie and fled the scene. Flair got back in the ring and pinned Guererro to win the match.
Winner: Ric Flair

Match #5 Womens Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Molly
Molly had the upperhand in the beginning of the match and had Trish in an armbar, but she turned it over and rolled Molly up for the pin. Trish rolled up Molly repeatedly and could not keep her down for the 3-count. Molly dropkicked Trish to the outside and then slammer her head into the ring apron. They got back into the ring and Trish kicked Molly in the head and knocked her back outside.

Trish got Molly on the top turnbuckle and head scissored her into the ring. Trish hit knife-edge chops and then a flying shoulder block to take down Molly. Trish went for the Stratusfaction and Molly pushed her into the ropes and then hit a German Suplex and almost won with the bridged pin.

Trish tried to roll up Molly for the pin again, but Molly rolled through it and pulled Trishs tights to win the match. Molly Holly is the new WWE Womens Champion.
Winner: Molly Holly

Kurt Angle was interviewed in the backstage area. Angle asked what Hogan did to become a Real American Hero. He said Hulk was an American Hero because Vince told him to be. Angle said he won a gold medal for this country and people tell him he sucks. He said tonight, he was going make Hogan tap and he didnt need to put his hand to his ear like an idiot for people to know he is a true American Hero.

Match #6 Hollywood Hulk Hogan vs. Kurt Angle
Hogan locked up with Angle and shoved him down into the corner right away. Hogan got Angle in a headlock. Angle then countered and got Hogan in an armbar. He muscled his way out and nailed Angle with a shoulder block. Angle rolled to the outside to regroup and then got back in the ring and went right after Hogan and clotheslined him to the mat.

Hogan clotheslined Angle to the outside and then slammed his head into the guard barrier. Hogan got Angle back in the ring and slammed his head into the turnbuckle 9 times and then threw him down to the mat. Hogan then went for the headgear of Angle and he got kicked below the belt. Angle then stood on the face of Hogan and the hit him with knife-edges in the corner.

Angle hit a suplex in the middle of the ring and then got Hogan up and got him in a side headlock and then synched in a sleeper hold. Once he got Hulk down, he got him in a reverse chin lock. Hulkster finally broke free and got Angle in the sleeper, but Angle suplexed him.

Angle hit the Angle Slam and Hogan kicked out of the pin. Hogan got right up and took the punches from Angle and got that adrenaline rush and nailed Angle with the big boot. Hogan reached down and pulled the headgear and wig off of Angle and the Olympic Hero left the ring and started to walk out toward the entrance.

Angle got a chair and ran down to the ring, but it backfired and he got nailed with it. Hogan hit the big boot and Angle grabbed his ankle and got him in the Ankle Lock. Hogan went for the ropes, but Angle pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Hogan turned over and kicked Angle away, but he got him back in the hold and Hogan tapped out.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Goldust was imitating The Rock in the back with Booker T. The Rock came up from behind Goldust and redid what Goldust had said in his own way. Booker T said they have never agreed or seen eye to eye but he did agree with what he said on Raw. Rock said anyone who does not want to be here can get the F out. Goldust agreed and Rock made fun of him and told him to take off his Rock shirt, but then let him keep it on since he paid for it. Rock told them both to kick some Candy Ass and said Smell What the Rock is Cookin. Goldust then tried to imitate Booker and he stopped him and did his saying by himself and left.

Match #7 King of the Ring Semi-Final Match
Brock Lesnar vs. Rob Van Dam
Brock and RVD locked up and Lesnar backed him into the corner. RVD hit a superkick to the face of Brock and then rammed his shoulder into Lesnar in the corner. Lesnar countered with a powerbomb and then punished RVD on the mat. Brock got RVD in the corner and then power slammed him into the mat and then went for the pin and only got 2.

Brock hit a backbreaker on RVD twice and then locked him in a bear hug. Van Dam tried to get free and Brock slammed his back into the corner and then went for a spear in the corner, but missed and hit the ring post. Van Dam got up top and nailed Lesnar with a martial arts kick off the top and then the Rolling Thunder and a 2-count.

Rob Van Dam went up top and hit the Frog Splash and Heyman then grabbed him and pulled him down across the top rope and he fell on Lesnar and almost got the 3-count. Lesnar then caught RVD in mid-move and hit his finisher to win the match and become the 2002 King of the Ring.
Winner: Brock Lesnar

Triple H was walking through the backstage area and he ran into HBK and Kevin Nash. They stared eachother down and then Shawn and Nash embraced Triple H and said it was good to see him. Triple H embraced X-Pac and then there was an awkward greeting toward the other member of the nWo, The Big Show. The Kliq told Triple H to win the strap tonight and they said if he needs their help, to hold up the nWo sign with his hand and they would be there for him.

Match #8 WWE Undisputed Championship Match
The Undertaker vs. Triple H
The match begun and Triple H and Undertaker stood face-to-face in the middle of the ring and they exchanged blows and Taker got the advantage. Triple H knocked down Taker and then got him in the corner and threw blows at him. Triple H then choked Taker in the middle of the ring and they then battled to the outside. Taker got his head slammed into the steel steps and then the competitors got back into the ring.

They fought back to the outside and Triple H pummeled Taker and then he turned it around. Taker got Triple H in the corner and missed the big boot and Triple H mounted the Champ on the turnbuckle and threw blows at his face. Taker took him down and went for the pin, but Triple H kicked out at 2. Taker then took some cheap shots to Triple Hs eyes and then nailed him with a headbutt.

Taker hit the sidewalk slam on Triple H and then choked him against the ropes. He dropped the elbow on Triple H on the ring apron. In the ring, Triple H mounted a comeback, but it was quickly halted by a big boot from Taker and a near fall in the middle of the ring.

They battled to the outside and Taker hit a suplex on Triple H. They got up and got back in the ring, but Taker nailed Triple H with a boot and then a leg drop, followed by the pin attempt. Taker then mounted Triple H on the top turnbuckle and went up top. Triple H pushed him off the top to the middle of the ring. Taker went off the ropes and hit the huge flying clothesline and both men took some time to get up.

Undertaker went to the turnbuckle and exposed it by removing the pad. Triple H got Taker and whipped him into the opposite corner and then he slammed Taker into the turnbuckle that he exposed. Triple H hit a spinebuster and then backed him into the corner, but Taker powerslammed him. Triple H hit the high knee and then went for the pin, but he kicked out at 2.

Triple H was slammed into the corner and Taker then went for the choke slam, but Triple H kicked him and went for the Pedigree. Taker countered and catapulted Triple H into Earl Hebner, the referee. They then hit a double clothesline and both men were down in the ring. The Rocks music then hit and he came down and chased Paul Heyman away for telling everyone that Brock Lesnar kicked his ass and made him leave the building. Rock then joined the announce table.

Triple H hit the knee to the face of Taker and he went to the outside. Undertaker then nailed Rock at the announce table with a big boot. Undertaker then got a chair and went for Triple H, but Rock took it from him and tried to hit Taker. He missed and nailed Triple H and then Taker got the best of Rock, so he was the only man standing.

Undertaker got Triple H back in the ring and hit the Last Ride on the bloody Triple H. Another referee came down to takeover the match and Taker went for the cover, but Triple H kicked out. Taker then got up and nailed the ref in the face and Rock came in and nailed him with the Rock Bottom and then left.

Triple H slowly got up and put his arm over the Undertaker. The original referee finally got up and made a slow count, but Taker kicked out before 3. They both finally got up and Triple H hit the Pedigree and they both went down. Triple H inched his way over and covered Taker, but the referee was still on the side in pain. Taker nailed Triple H with a low blow and rolled him up, pulled the tights and retained his title.
Winner: The Undertaker

After the match, The Undertaker called Rock back down to the ring and they had a short battle. Rock got the upperhand and hit the Peoples Elbow on Taker. Triple H then grabbed Rock and nailed him with the Pedigree and looked down yelling at him. Undertaker then got back up and choke slammed Triple H and left Rock and Triple H laying out in the ring.