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Smack Down Results

  • John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
    -Angle starts the match in a fireman's carry into an armbar lock. Cena knocks down Angle with a punch to the mouth in an irish-whip attempt. Angle locks in a side headlock, leading to a shoulder takedown. Angle starts getting frustrated and Cena clothesline's him right down again. Both men continue to exchange good moves and all. In the end, Kurt Angle gets DQ'd when Chris Benoit came into ring and gives Cena the Crippler Crossface. Afterwards, Rey Mysterio comes down and hurricanrana's Benoit out of the ring. Rey calls out Benoit to get back in but Eddie Guerrero comes in from behind and knocks down Rey and gives him the spinning tiltawhile-into-a-backbreaker. Finally, Edge comes out and clears the ring of Guerrero.
    Winner VIA DQ - John Cena

  • D-Von vs. Mark Henry
    -Mark begins the match with power offensive moves. Mark drops his head across D-Von's head as he was in the middle rope. D-Von comes back with a clothesline and a diving punch and slugs away. Mark Henry quickly regains control and gives D-Von a face-first drop. Mark gives D-Von a running powerslam and gets the 1-2-3. After the match, Batista attacks Mark. D-Von goes to the top rope but before D-Von could do anything, Rikishi come out and slams D-Von down and knocks Batista out of the ring. Rikishi calls out Batista and D-Von allows Batista to get in the ring with Rikishi. This starts an imprompt due match.
    Winner VIA Pinfall - Mark Henry

  • Rikishi vs. Batista
    -Rikishi started the match with several punches until Batisita overwhelmes him and pumbles him down. Batista locks in a reverse chinlock on Rikishi until Rikishi fights outta it. Rikishi kicks Batista in the gut and follows up with a DDT. Rikishi drills a savate kick on Batista to get the 1-2-3. Despite D-Von's attempt at aid, it backfired on him. After the match, D-Von and Batista stared each other down.
    Winner VIA Pinfall - Rikishi

  • Brock goes into Hogan's lockerroom despite Paul Heyman's strong advisements not too. Both Hogan and Brock talk about being young and the WWE title. Brock wanted to know if Hogan still wanted to go through with it and Hogan was all for it. After the conversation between Brock and Hogan ended, Paul kept insisting to Brock not screw with Hogan because he's overcome so much. Brock then claimed that Paul is losing confidence in him. Paul is left a confused wreck.

  • After that, Torrie Wilson and Nidia have an unknown scuffle in the back. Jamie Noble is trying to separate Torrie from Nidia and Nidia is trying fight back. Billy Kidman comes along and goes after Jamie Noble until everybody gets separated by the refs.

  • Billy & Chuck vs. Shannon Moore & Hurricane
    -Great tag action in this match. As Billy and Chuck was gonna hit their Code Red top rope clothesline on Moore, Moore rolls up Chuck while Billy missed and got an upset 1-2-3.
    Winners VIA Pinfall - Shannon Moore, Hurricane Helms

  • Paul goes into Steph's office and then Steph asks him if he's seen Dawn Marie and Paul says he hasn't. Paul tries to talk about the Brock/Hogan stirpot incident where Brock put his title shot against The Rock up at SummerSlam. Steph said it was a great idea where it could be a possible Rock vs. Hogan Pt. II. Steph congradulated Heyman for it. However the real reason for Paul's being in Steph's office never came out. Steph then asked Paul to get Dawn Marie for him. Paul then tells Steph that she's becoming more like her father everyday.

  • Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero vs. John Cena, Edge & Rey Mysterio
    -John Cena gets dominated throughout most of the entire match. After several minutes of punishment from Eddie and Benoit, Edge gets tagged in. Edge cleans house with Benoit, Guerrero and Angle. Edge spears Angle but Edge gets German'd by Benoit. Eddie drops Rey in the brainbuster. Cena hits Eddie with the spinning inverted powerbomb. Angle comes back in and gives Cena the Olympic Slam. Rey comes back and gives Angle the 6-1-9 spinning leg sweep on the ropes to Angle and follows up with the West Coast Pop Springboard Hurricanrana to get the 1-2-3 on Angle. After the match, Angle is very mad but doesn't attack Eddie or Benoit.
    Winners VIA Pinfall - Rey Mysterio, Edge, John Cena

  • Jamie Noble & Nidia vs. Billy Kidman & Torrie Wilson
    -Torrie comes in straight after Nidia, but Kidman holds back Torrie and Noble holds back Nidia. Noble and Kidman begin the match with Noble getting the upper hand. Kidman comes back with a head scissors. Kidman hits a sitout powerbomb, Nidia breaks up the count and Kidman stops Nidia by pulling her shorts and Nidia slaps him and Noble comes up from behind but knocks down Nidia instead. Torrie and Kidman get Nidia at their mercy and Torrie spanks her butt. Noble attacks Kidman and Nidia rolls up Torrie to get the 1-2-3.
    Winners VIA Pinfall - Nidia, Jamie Noble

  • Brock Lesnar vs. Hollywood Hulk Hogan
    -Brock and Hogan lockup and Brock shoves down Hogan and Brock gets very cocky. As the match progresses, Brock remains in control a reverse chinlock but Hogan comes back up each time. Brock crotches Hogan between the steel post and maintains control of the match. Hogan Hulks Up and hits the 3 slams and the Big Boot, Hogan drops the leg but Lesnar kicks out. Hogan gives Brock the Big Boot again but Paul Heyman interferes. Brock gives Hogan the F-5 and then wastes time making the cover on Hogan, instead he locks Hogan in a side bearhug and Hogan bleeds from the mouth and eventually passes out. The ref checks Hogan's right arm and it drops 3 times. Brock prevails. After the match, Brock gets a chair and levels Hogan with it and is busted wide open. Brock and Paul then gloat over the victory and warns The Rock in Australia that his blood will be in Brock's hands at SummerSlam. Brock takes some of Hogan's blood and smears it on his chest like a badge of honor.
    Winner VIA Submission - Brock Lesnar
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