The Legend and The Princess


Jerichoholics Dictionary

A Guide to all Jerichoholics
Dictionary was made and created by people at Fan Forum 

~Jerichoholics Dictionary~

Jerichoholics-Original people who stand behind Y2J no matter what and are never EVER wrong!

Ayatollah-Any Person in a position of great power or authority

Break the Walls Down-Chris Jericho's theme music performed by Sevendust

Breaking the Walls Down-1.Chris Jericho's home video 2. a term used when a other wrestler is beating Chris Jericho (which is never)

SHUT THE HELL UP-A phrase Chris Jericho tells all of his rivals when he's sick and tired of hearing them yap.

Dirty,filthy,digusting,Skanky,bottom feeding trash bag ho-A phrase Chris Jericho USED to call Stephanie McMahon,but he then later said he never met any of it.

Jerichowiser-All the sweat,tears and blood Chris Jericho has done to get where he is,with a shot(or 2) of whiskey!

Larger than Life Living Legend-Chris Jericho

Undisputed Champion-The WWF champion...which Chris Jericho was the First Ever Undisputed Champion

Too sexy for any thread-A song Jerichoholics sing once and a while which represents Chris Jericho

Vance McMahon-The way Chris Jericho calls Vince McMahon.

Raisin-The way Chris Jericho calls Raven.

Trash Stratus-What Chris Jericho calls Trish Stratus.

Kirk Angel-What Chris Jericho calls Kurt Angle.

Big Slow-Big Show

Crippled H-The way Jerichoholics call Triple H

Triple WHO?-Triple H

The Ape-What Jerichoholics call Triple H.

Vivian - What Chris calls Lillian Garcia.

Edward, Harold -What Chris calls Howard Finkel.

Ken Scamrock -What Chris calls Ken Shamrock.

Baldcore Holly -What Chris calls Hardcore Holly.

Mike Foley -What Chris calls Mick Foley.

Mitchell -What Chris calls Micheal Cole.

Stinko Malenko - What Chris calls Dean Malenko.

Cross-Eyed Freak -What Chris calls Saturn.

Mr. Main Event- Another name for Chris Jericho.

Chris Benoyt- What Chris calls Chris Benoit.

Trip- What Chris Jericho calls Tripple H.

Edgewart-What Chris Jericho calls Edge.

Moongoose McQueen-Chris Jericho's version of Bobby McShankelby or who ever the lead singer of *Nsync is.

Fozzy-Chris Jericho's fave Band.

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada -Chris's Hometown

New York-Chris's birthplace

Tampa, FL-Chris's current residence

Junior- A term Jericho uses to refer to people below him.

August 9, 1999-The day our lives changed when Jericho first debuted in the WWF.

Raw is Jericho- The official name for Monday Night Raw after Jericho's debut

Our Role Model, Paragon of Virtue- What Jerichoholics should view Jericho as.

Walls of Jericho- Chris Jericho's personal submission move, and one of his finishers.

Lionsault- Chris Jericho's finishing move.

Saucy Jack and Cosmo-Chris's loving pets.

Ted Irvine-Chris's dad.

Smoochy Dreamer-A person who see's the Sexual Tension between Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon.

Hockey-A sport Chris has played since he was a little boy.

New York Rangers-The Hockey team Chris' dad played for.

That you will never eeeeever forget again-What Chris says before he kicks someones ass.

Mr.Roboto:Another name Chris calls Chris Benoit.

Has-been Hogan:What Chris calls Hulk Hogan.

The Shame:HHH

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