The Legend and The Princess


Jericho's Time line

A Time Line of all of Chris' wrestling career

June - Sept 1990 Trained at Hart Bros. Pro Wrestling Camp - Calgary
October 2, 1990 Made professional debut
1991 - 1992 Worked Canadian independent shows
August 1992 Worked for Bay Area Wrestling in San Fransisco, U.S.A
Nov - Dec 1992 Began working in Monterrey, Mexico
Jan 29, 1993 Won Canadian heavy Weight Championship from Biff Wellington
April 23, 1993 Debuted for E.M.L.L. in Mexico City
July 21, 1993 Won WWA Tag Team Championship with El Dandy from Texano and Silver King in Mexico City
Sept. 12, 1993 - Oct. 18, 1993 Debuted in Hamburg, Germany for CWA
December 4, 1993 Won NWA Middle Weight belt from Mano Negra in Mexico City
January 7, 1993 Won Canadian Midweight belt from Steve Rivers in Calgary
February 24, 1994 Debuted for WAR in Japan
March 7, 1994 Debuted for Smoky Mountain Wrestling in Tennessee, U.S.A.
March 3, 1995 Won Junior Heavyweight Tournament from Negro Casas in Mexico City
March 26, 1995 Lost to Gedo in final of War International Junior Heavy Weight Belt Tournament in Japan
June 4, 1995 Won WAR International Junior Heavy Weight Belt from Gedo in Japan
July 7, 1995 Beat Ultimo Dragon in International Junior Heavy Weight Belt defense in Japan
December 13, 1995 Appeared in Super J Cup-2nd stage losing to Wild Pegasus in the second round
February 2, 1996 Debuted for ECW in Philadelphia, U.S.A.
February 23, 1996 Won WAR International Junior heavy tag team belts with GEDO in Japan
February 26, 1996 Defeated Jushin Liger and Takaiwa for International Junior Tag belt defense
June 1, 1996 Appeared in the Antonio Inoki World Peace Festival against Bam Bam Bigelow and Konan in L.A.
June 22, 1996 Won ECW TV Title from Pitbull #2 in Philadelphia
August 20, 1996 Debuted with WCW Beating J.L.
September 15, 1996 Made PPV Debut vs Chris Benoit
January 22, 1997 Presented with the "Newcomer Of The Year" award, by the readers of WCW magazine.
Jan 29, 1997 Debuted with New Japan Pro Wrestling
May 16 - June 5, 1997 Competed in New Japan's Top of the Super Jr. Tournament. Finished tied for 3rd with Jushin Liger and Shinjiro Otani
June 28, 1997 Won WCW Cruiserweight title from Syxx in L.A.
August 12, 1997 Beat Alex Wright for Cruiserweight title.
September 23,1997 Completed 30th tour of Japan
September 25, 1997 Inducted into the Canadian Wrestling Hall of Fame
January 24,1998 Won WCW Cruiserweight Title for the third time from Rey Misterio Jr
February 22,1998 Defeated Juventud Guerrera causing him to unmask, in mask vs title match in San Francisco, CA
July 13,1998 Won Cruiserweight Title from Rey Misterio Jr for
unprecedented FIFTH time

Aug 10, 1998 Won World Television Title from Stevie Ray
Jan 17, 1999 Beat Perry Saturn in a loser must wear a dress match
June 30, 1999 Signed with the World Wrestling Federation
August 9,1999 Debuted on Raw Is Jericho Chicago IL
December 12, 1999 Won WWF Intercontinental Championship from Chyna
April 2, 2000 Appeared in first Wrestlemania and defeated Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle to win the WWF European Championship
April 17, 2000 Defeated HHH to win the WWF Championship. Title was later taken away on a technicality
April 18, 2000 Pinned the Rock in a Lumberjack match
May 4, 2000 Won the Intercontinental Championship for the second time by defeating Chris Benoit
May 8, 2000 Raw was Jericho as Y2J wrestled three times during the show.
May 21, 2000 Lost to Chris Benoit in a classic Submission match
July 23, 2000 Lost to HHH in a classic Last Man Standing Match
Dec 10, 2000 Defeated Kane in a Last Man Standing match
Jan 21, 2001 Defeated Chris Benoit in a classic Ladder match and captured the WWF Intercontinental Championship for the third time.
December 9th, 2001 Defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin for the Undisputed WWF Championship.
March 17th, 2002 Lost the Championship to Triple H in Toronto, ON Canada.

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