The Legend and The Princess


Roxie's Avatars

Roxie's Avatars (u can use them for ur site but credit them to her!)
AOL Buddy Icon's
If you already have an icon that you would like to use then follow the steps below. If you have seen an icon on a webpage that you would like to use, right mouse click on it and choose the option to "save picture" or "save picture as" and then follow the steps below.

1. Click the "Browse PC" button
2. Find the icon on your computer and select it. That icon will now appear when you receive IMs from your buddy





The buddy icon's will be up shortly but there four avatars are Roxie's and the one on the right hand corner is mine (The Legend The Princess Love Hate Smoochy Dreamer). If you will like to use any of these Avatars for your site...please PLASE credit them to Roxie,myself and this site.I took me a while to upload them here.