The Legend and The Princess



Stephanie's Biography


Name: Stephanie Marie McMahon

Previous Name(s): Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley

Birthdate: September 20, 1976

Birthplace: Hartford, Connecticut

Education: Graduated from Boston University in 1998

Occupation: Part of the WWF writing team

Marital Status: Dating Paul Levesque/Triple H

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 5'8''

Age: 25

Trademark Move: Bitch Slap

Title(s) Held: 1 Time WWF Women's Champion

Current Status: Stephanie McMahon, managing Chris Jericho

Intelligent, beautiful and enterprising. These three words sum up Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley perfectly. The youngest McMahon has used these assets to her own advantage, to the point where two men (Triple H and Kurt Angle) fought over her, and to where she eventually became the new owner of ECW! At least on the surface, Stephanie wasn't always the person she's turned out to be. A series of events started by her own father resulted in a dramatic change in Stephanie's personality. For months, Vince McMahon used her in a game of "chess" with Austin by keeping her terrified at the Undertaker's constant threat of harm, to the point when she was kidnapped and nearly sacrificed at a "black wedding." When that horrifying time was finally over, Stephanie turned to Test for love and affection. With a wedding date set, fate intervened. Irate at Mr. McMahon, the British Bulldog threw a metal trashcan in protest. It accidentally hit Stephanie, giving her a concussion and amnesia. Weeks later, Stephanie recovered and set another wedding date. But this one never took place either. At the eleventh hour, Triple H appeared to say he and Stephanie had been married the night before in a drive-thru ceremony in Las Vegas.

Stephanie appeared emotionally destroyed, until she stunned the world at Armageddon by turning on Vince to side with Triple H! Claiming it was the best way to get back at her father for what he did to her months ago (the plot involving the Undertaker), Stephanie said her marriage to Triple H was legit, and he "turns her on!" As husband and wife, Stephanie and Triple H led the World Wrestling Federation into the new millennium with the McMahon-Helmsley era, and it would never be the same again! With a heartbroken Vince out of the picture, Stephanie and Triple H's diabolical tactics forever changed the careers of various Superstars. One was Mick Foley, who was first fired after losing a Stephanie-ordered Pink Slip on a Pole Match to The Rock and who eventually was forced into retirement at No Way Out. Another was Tori, Kane's ex-girlfriend. Not the same person after forced into spending a holiday weekend with X-Pac, Tori broke Kane's heart and aligned herself with DX! Shortly after, Stephanie became the Federation Women's Champion, and reunited with her father and her brother, Shane to form the McMahon-Helmsley faction with Vince, Shane, Triple H and DX. With husband and wife both Federation Champions, Triple H's and Stephanie's power was virtually untouchable. But Stephanie was about to face the biggest, most emotional challenge of her young life! Stephanie would lose her Women's Championship to Lita, and that was just the beginning of her problems. Shortly after his Federation debut, Stephanie seemed to take a liking to Kurt Angle. Though it appeared the two engaged in some suspicious flirting, she and the 1996 Olympic gold medallist insisted they were "just friends."

Yet Angle has kissed her on more than one occasion, incurring the wrath of an angry Triple H, and Stephanie even accompanied Angle to ringside as part of their "business relationship!" Eventually, things settled down between Stephanie and her husband. However, at Survivor Series, the Rattlesnake nearly ended the career of Triple H, who himself revealed he was the mastermind of a plot to end Austin's career. While Triple H recuperated from his injuries, Stephanie pleaded with the Rattlesnake to accept his apology -- only to be told Austin style where to stick that apology. Angry and humiliated, Stephanie vowed revenge in a chilling message to Austin.

It was soon revealed that Stephanie and her father worked together to give Vince full control of the World Wrestling Federation (Vince immediately turned around and used his power to fire Commissioner Mick Foley). But with Vince tending to humanitarian efforts and her mother, Linda, in emotional distress after Vince demanded a divorce, Stephanie took a more active role in controlling the Federation.

In fact, Stephanie's New Year's resolution for 2001 was earn the respect of the Federation roster. She started with Stone Cold Steve Austin, and defeated Trish Stratus at No Way Out. It appeared that Stephanie's plans took a downward turn when Triple H suffered a career-threatening injury. But true to form, Stephanie fought back. She supported her husband when Austin blamed Triple H for losing the Tag Team Championship, and conspired with her brother to orchestrate the biggest merger in sports-entertainment history -- WCW and ECW! What exactly Stephanie has in store as ECW's new owner remains to be seen, but rest assured she has something up her sleeve, and will prove once again that she is a powerful and influential voice in all of sports-entertainment!

Heading into the new year of 2002, Stephanie lost all power when WCW met WWF in a elimination match up at Survivor Series 2001. With the WWF defeating WCW, caused Stephanie to leave. Stephanie tried numerously to get rehired but daddy nor Ric Flair would hire her. When The Game would make his return on January 7th, 2002. With Triple H returning, Stephanie would basically back due to her marriage with him. After Triple H returned it seemed his wifes company and problems between the two annoyed him and things began to started to heat up. Finally, Stephanie did something desperate and informed Triple H that she was pregnant. The happy husband was so happy he agreed to renew their wedding vows. But before the renewing he learned the bitter truth, Stephanie wasn't pregnant after all. This led to a break up of the two and possibly soon to be divorce.

Now, in February of 2002 Stephanie has aligned herself with Chris Jericho to help him defeat Triple H at Wrestle X8 and retain the WWF Undisputed Championship.

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