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Smack Down 10 Cents

My 10 Cents on Smack Down!

10 Cents


Charlotte, North Carolina

Smack Down!

Wow they got of Jericho fast on the SD Intro *sniff*. Blah but guess who still there? The Shamedamn him to hell! Lol erm right.

Rey Mysterio JR. vs. Tajiri

WHOA! Thats all I gotta say for this match. An awesome match between two of the many great Cruiser Weights. Side not damn right Tazz SD is not the same without Y2J *sniff*but its all a set up baby! Lol. Yeah 619the area code and the move lol. Man if the WWE comes here to San Diego for that SD tapingI bet ya anything that us the fans will blow the roof off the arena when Rey Rey comes out lol. Anyways Im glad Mysterio woncreepy eyesbut he still rulez lol.

Kurt Angle/Hogan Want Brock

Ohhh Kurt *drool* tell ya truth I thought Kurt was the one defecting to RAWseriously I didbut Jericho did *sniff*set up! Lol. I love Kurts new tightstheir like little eagles right? Lol. Ohhh I see Olympic bootay. The only reason I watch SD is cuz of KurtStephy and Rey Rey loland of course the Hurricane! People seriously have to stop the what? chant.its getting oldlike Hogan!. Man he needs to retire and quickly. LMFAO @ Kurt Whoopdy ya do! Lol and Hungry Freakin Hippo! LMFAO. Brock= caveman lol. Ok since when does Grandpa STEAL Jerichos catchphrase? No Hogan why dont YOU Shut.the hell.UP!I love saying that lol. Hey I can actually see Hogan vs. Lesnar in a game of shuffleboard!!! Lol. Stephy! Im loving the outfit and the hair!. Yeah SD 4 life baby!er RAW.RAW IS JERICHO.but its all a set up lol. And not to Hoganretire, stop stealing catchphrasesyour better off with your I need hearing aid crap lol.

Steph kicks Bishoff out!

Aww was it me but did Steph look un-happy?? *look*. Ewww Eric what a assthe hell is he doing in her lockeroom? Im thinking she was crying or something cuz her eyes look all sadshe was crying cuz Jericho left!! *cries* like I did *sniff*but remember its all a set up! Eric was about to say Jerichobut she didnt allow it..cuz well that will ruin the whole set up ;) All I gotta say is GO STAPHANIE GO! Lol

Brock vs. Mark Henry

The Giants Coiled! Lol I just had to say that. Marks music is funkyand bests Chavos in funkiness lol. Holy Shizzel! Did Lesnar F-5 The Worlds Strongest Man?DAMN!and Brock won lol. WAIT! The Beast Speaks! Get the media!LMAO Good luck tonightbrotha.

Billy & Chuck fightRico saves the daythe Rookie shows up

Hey remember the Billy & Chucky shufflewait I think that was the Chucky shuffle lol anyways are Billy & Chuck jumping ?.ewww Cena. Since when do girls scream for his sorry ass? Never in my life would I ever think I would be saying this butamen to that Rico! The hair must goand the tights ugh!. Ohhh Kurtman he looks good tonightruthless aggression! Grrrr lol. Hey is everyone like bumping into each other tonight? Lol. Wait did Lesnar tell Hogan he wanted him to win?eh the hell. Oh no he didnt! he so didnt not touch the medals!!

Kurt vs. Hogan

Ohh Kurt ya sexy thing you. Have I mention how I love the tights?? Blah Grandpa.*runs to the bathroom and to get munchies* damn I left for a while and Hogan is still making his way down the ring??? Lol Hmmm I think Kurt killed Hogan with that suplex lol. Damn feather boas all over the damn ring!. Ohhh I see more Olympic ass!!. Hey was I the only one who saw Mavens twin in the crowd?? Lol. Hogan=deadand yet he re-lived! Lol. All I gotta tell Hogan is retireyouve done all you have to do for this companynow go away and let other WWE Superstars get where you areand hopefully they will be wise and retire fast unlike you! Lol. No Kurt so did not his that 100 year old man with the chair ref!you ummsaw a mirage yeah thats what it was lol. Ugh Hogan is like so deadyeah Kurt kick his ass. I hate it when he Hulks up, Thank god that Lesnar showed up and.F-5 F-5 F-5!!ermm ok so you tend to act like the announcers sometimes lol. Now Hogan *IS* dead for sure now lol.

Rikishi vs. D-Von w/Batista

Im saying Batista is the devil lol he is!. I love it when D-Von gets jiggy with it. Ewww now that was gross how D-Von landed on Rikish *shivers*. Hey there was a I Love Stephanie sign! Lol erm right. Eww not the stink facethank god for Batista he saved the day lol. TESTIFIYAYAYAYAYA lol Jericho style!. And now D-Von gets jiggy with it lol.

Steph/Stacy promo

Whoa Stephy is really mad. The Dear and headlights lolor something like that. I like Stacys dress its prettyful. Whoa consequences= evil deaths looks and bitch slaps! Lol Ohhh I wanna get hose fleer card or whatever theyre called lol.

Noble shatters my TValong with that sick freak of his girlfriend

North Carolina Trash?.Noble look @ your self you *are* trash lol. Ok Noble really need to Shutthe hellUP! Hehe love saying that lol. Nidia the Queens of Trailers.more like Trailer Trash! Lol. Theres Mitchell Cole and Jaimes street thug Tazz lol. And Tazz is agreeing lol EWWW *pukes* I so did not want to see that thats just wrong!ugh Nidia put that awayewww Cole *puke* this is Tazz offering Cole a mint lolewww nasty you SIIIIIICCCCCCKKKKK FFFFREEEEAAAAKKKKSSSS!!!!

Steph says No More RAW in her arena

Yeah why are you guys watching RAW? Ohhhh Steph really told them off loland true who the hell was that guy? Lol And all I gotta ask is why did they have to show that HHH crap! Ugh they should of showed.RAW is once again JERICHO! that ruled.unlike HHH *roll eyes*. Ohhh Fozzy Commercial ohhhh *drool* Jericho- erm Moongoose lol. Are they still advertising HHH damn video? If you wanna get more sales.stop announcing itcuz you aint getting me to buy it! Lol.


Marky Mark vs. Rico

Look its Mr. Green Tightserm I mean Marky Mark lol. Rico still doesnt have any tights?? *shakes head*. Rico did a moon Saultwell sort of lol. And oh Joy to the world Marky Mark won! Blah. Billy & Chuckyamen! Never in my life would I imagine me saying that! Lol. Bishoff? The hell he bought a ticket? Lol Oh yeah all the sudden everyone one loves the guy ugh lol

Steph announces something important

Stephy! Yayand yet she looks un-happy *sniff* we all know why. And all the sudden people cants RAW something lolso who jumped.BENOIT!!! Wooo-hooowait wasnt like he already on SD?? Loland Mr. Mullet Himself Latino Heeeeeeaaaaatttt lol. A direct quote from the King lol. LMFAO Bishoff getting in a fight with the securityand hey theres Daryl that security guy from the back lol. Bishoff-crazy ass.ass-whole lol.

Benoit & Eddie vs. Edge & The Rock

I really didnt watch this match cuz one I was really tired and two I was still doing homework lol. But it sounded like a good fightall I saw was that Rock tapped!and Hogan some how came back to life after that F-5 and hit Brock with a chairand hes gonna pay next Thursdayor whenever they are taping it lol.

Overall it was an ok show.7 out 10 and thats cuz Im being Nice. I saw Kurt and Steph a great amount of timesbut more Rey Reyand the Hurricane!. Stop making Nidia and Noble make out every 2 secondsand stop promoting HHH boring ass videoThe Lame Game now in now that is a good video lol

Side note:

As you read this you might think what the hell Is all this set-up talk?. Well at FF we came up with the conclusion that Jericho only went to RAW to get the inside scoop on RAW and Bishoff so Steph and SD can run him over lol.