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August 18th, 2002

Steph/Stacy/Bischoff Storyline Plans?
Stacy Keibler aligning with Eric Bischoff may end up being part of a bigger plan where Keibler and Stephanie McMahon are conspiring against Bischoff. Even though Bischoff has done a great job in his role as Raw GM, no one knows for sure how long he will be around in WWE and so if he happens to leave sooner rather than later, WWE will use the backup plan that Stacy was sent to sabatoge Bischoff and his brand, all the while pushing Stephanie over as a babyface.

July 16th, 2002
Many sources have been reporting that Stephanie McMahon has been showing signs of frustration over the past few weeks. She has lost her temper when people outside of the writing team have questioned her direction, and made suggestions.

For what it's worth, the Smackdown GM position is being rumored to be filled by Stephanie McMahon. Mick Foley was also being considered and he was offered the spot but it all depends or depended on his decision to join WWE full-time once again. [Note from Rajah: This is just a guess, but if Stephanie were to control Smackdown!, it would possibly allow Triple H to be traded to RAW from a storyline perspective.]
Steph in WWE Magazine
In the August 2002 WWE Magazine (with Chris Jericho on the cover), Steph is mentioned a number of times.
The first time she is mentioned in the letters section, where they feature a letter from someone who is pro-Steph and would like to see her back in the WWE, and a letter from someone who is against Steph and would rather not see her back. She is mentioned again in the article "Playing Dirty", which is about Ric Flair. It says "Mr. Flair was on his way to Stamford, Connecticut, to work out the last details of his buyout of Shane and Stephanie." She is mentioned one last time in the article "Pretty Tough", about Trish Stratus, It says "...the Canadian beauty rarely laced up the wrestling boots - an unforgettable match against Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley at February 2001's No Way Out being a notable exception."

Vince and Linda buy a new condo
Okay so Steph is only mentioned once or twice in this adrticle but it is interesting anyway... so click
here to read it!

People mad at Steph and HHH again?
You know the drill. A grain of salt for these...
After what Triple H said, he has lost a lot of respect with co-workers. It is no secret that many already resent Triple H as he is dating Stephanie McMahon, therefore believing he has honorary power. Also, Many also pointed out that Triple H has not done this(what he spoke of in the pep talk), pointing to an example where Chris Jericho was basically a slave for Stephanie McMahon.

July 13th, 2002
Stephanie Backstage?

Take all this with a fistful of salt.
Stephanie McMahon is the subject of some locker room heat lately. Many claim she is very frustrated recently and does not take well to non-writers questioning the direction of her writing teams. She is also said to be short-tempered and condescending to wrestlers suggesting storylines, particularly when she does not like them or doesn't understand them. Also, when wrestlers complain about how they are not being pushed, Stephanie is very gun-shy to explain to them why they are not getting a push or not getting the TV time they feel they deserve. Her excuse is usually that they aren't given higher roles because they are still trying to get them to connect with the live crowd.
Source: Locker Room Lowdown at
July 12th, 2002
Steph as boss...

Since Stephanie is so young and she is the head of the writing team, a lot of wrestlers feel that the writing team is young and immature because she would feel uncomfortable being the boss of a bunch of old people. (Which makes no sense to me because Paul Heyman, who writes SD isn't young at all...)
Source: Wrestlezone
July 10th, 2002
Reportedly, on a radio station in Pennsylvania Stephanie McMahon was advertised as appearing at the July 16th SmackDown taping in Wilkes Barre, PA. You may recall Stephanie was kicked out of WWE after Triple H won a match where the stipulation was if he won, she would have to leave.
July 6th, 2002
PWI Top 100 Women of Wrestling Of All Time

Walk, don't run to your nearest newsstand and pick up this issue now. Steph came in at #6 of ALL TIME! The only people ahead of her were Stacy Keibler, Lita, Trish Stratus, Kimberly Page and Missy Hyatt. Why are you still reading this? Go buy it!
July 1st, 2002
Conspiracy Theory: Part 2

Unfortunately for Russo, his telling of the storyline plans after being hired convinced Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, two of the higher-ups in WWE management, to take steps to demote him
June 23rd, 2002
Conspiracy Theory?

It is thought that the pivotal reason Vince McMahon decided to change Russo's role from a creative writer to a consultant is due to the influence of his daughter, Stephanie McMahon, and her boyfriend, who of course is Triple H.
June 21st, 2002
Steph's Position Within the Company

This is something a lot of people have been wondering and with the return of Vince Russo, people have been questioning Steph's status even more so. As fo right now, Steph is, in fact, still in charge of the entire writing team. The head writers for Raw and Smackdown are still Brian Gerwitz and Paul heyman, respectively. I don't know what Russo will be doing, but as you can see, Steph hasn't lost her position by any means.
June 17th, 2002
Steph at a House Show!

In Anaheim, Stephanie was at the production desk for the whole show. She apparently didn't acknowledge any of the fans either, which I think is really not like Steph...
This is a Bit old but i thought it was intresting:
April 29th, 2002
Ivory discusses Stephanie

The interview Ivory did in the UK has finally been put online, and Stephanie is mentioned three different times. The first thing she says is, "Stephanie McMahon, really fun to work with and such a drama queen, she so believes in what she's doing." In word association, Stephanie is called "creative". She also says that when Chris Jericho was working with Stephanie, his character came out great.
If you would like to read the whole interview, you can do so
here. It's pretty interesting, I suggest you read it!
Stephanie off WWF TV: The result of the main event on Raw was the deciding factor on whether Stephanie would stay on WWF television or be forced to leave.. Unfortunantly Triple H won and sent Stephanie away, here's what went down: Steph comes out, really believing she will win. Steph is hot. But anyway... Jericho comes down to the ring, followed by the Undisputed Champion, Triple H. Not really a big crowd of Triple H fans tonight. Triple H starts it off with the right hands. After about 2 minutes of Steph trying to get in the ring, she finally does, and gets Jericho to pin her. Triple H on Steph, Jericho saves her, now with a catapult of Jericho to Steph in the corner! Steph lands right on Jerichos Santas little helpers! Jericho in control, Jericho letting Steph get some cheap shots in. Now focusing on Triple Hs knee, Jericho hits a leg lock. Steph hits Jericho by accident. Jericho then pushes Steph down. Continue >>
There are no plans for Stephanie McMahon to be brought back as an active role on-camera during WWF television. At this point, the plan is for her to continue leading the booking team in which many believe guys like Triple H and Kevin Nash will feed their ideas to Stephanie McMahon, which will be laid out during production meetings courtesy of Stephanie.