The Legend and The Princess


She said..WHAT?

Some things The Princess Said

If it wasn't for Rock, I would still be your WWF Women's Champion. I held the Women's Championship for four months, twenty-five days, twenty-two hours, and forty-seven minutes, and I always carried the championship with dignity, honour, and pride. And now, who is your women's champion? A tattooed, lowlife, low class bimbo. And Mick Foley, I don't want an apology, I don't want your sympathy, I demand a rematch, here tonight, and I'm not leaving till I get it!"

"Triple H always does well, but he does better with me."

"Kurt and I are just friends"

"Undertaker, I hope you burn in hell"

"Its not romantic, you know, its very different when you're doing it in front of all these millions of people"

"Uh, I think it kinda comes natural"

"After all really do have a lot to look forward to. Instead of just being a fat, smelly, disgusting Loser. You can be a fat, smelly, disgusting, retired Loser. *Very Proudly* All thanks to my husband, the World Wrestling Federation Champion, The GAME, Triple H!!"

"Are you blind? If you have been watching the World Wrestling Federation at all, then you can plainly see that I most certainly am a TREMENDOUS asset at ringside! If it weren't for me, Kurt would not have become the WWF Champion."

"Who the HELL do you think you are? I've got news for you, Austin! You're not gonna put your hands anywhere near my father or my business partner, the WWF Champion, Kurt Angle." "Is that a fact?" "YES!"

"Your big-breasted tactics might work with men, but they certainly don't work with me! Your plastic smile and your fake laugh make me SICK. And if there is ANY truth to the rumor that you were at a certain soup kitchen during the holidays, you can forget about hanging out with the McMahon family! There's only one dominate female in this family and that's me! Now get out of my office!"

"Beauty, Brains, and Sometimes Bitch."

"What goes around...comes around."

"Like it or not, we're married."

"Oh, and by the way Dad, just so you know, Triple H really turns me on!"

"You know what Dad? I'm not Daddy's Little Girl anymore."

"You know, I have to admit. I used to get butterflies when Triple H would look at me. I didn't want to..I didn't really mean to..but he was so strong and powerful, and he outsmarted you."

"You hurt me. And what's the best way that I could hurt you back? By marrying the man that you hate the husband, Hunter Hearst Helmsley."

"I get naked, ask HHH"

"Yeah Trish, you'll be fine. Besides, I hear that you're used to two-on-ones!"

"Bendover backwards, Trish? Knowing you, I just think you plain bend over!"

"As far as the WWF is concerned, I am the dominate female. You can learn that the easy way or I can teach it to you the hard way."

"Trish, everyone knows you're bitch, but tonight, in this ring, you will be my personal BITCH!"

"Our personal life is great, the sex with you..great"

"I wasn't ready to get married, that's what..that's what you wanted!"

"Undertaker..I hope you BURN in hell!"

"You wanna bash MY brains in? DO IT! Raise that hammer high above your head and bash in my brains!"#

"You either get your ass kicked, or you get your ass fired!!!"

"Trish Stratus will never be the same after I get done with her this Sunday night."

"What were dealing with is a fake, plastic gold digger who is looking for more than a relationship with my father...I am the dominant female...I am the top bitch!"

"My brother Shane has always tried every move and hold on me!"

"Im always nervous, but Im not nervous to kick Trishs butt. That will come quite naturally."

"Im Daddys Little Girl, so dont go underestimating me."

"Im going to beat the living crap out of her to shreds."

"Are you going to watch me kick Trishs butt on Sunday?"

"I am going to take Trish down to the depths of hell. Trish has never known the fury that Im going to unleash on her." "Triple H is the dominant man and I am the dominant female."

"I did kick a boy in the shin for saying that wrestling was fake and making fun of my father. I later wound up going to high school and college with that boy, and to this day, we're friends. He just wears shin guards when we hang out." Steph in her RAW Mag interview

"An accident? Was it an accident when Stone Cold poured beer all over me last week on SmackDown!? Was it an accident when Austin ripped my blouse off? Was it an accident when Austin kicked me out of the ring, just because I had something in my eye? William Regal pinned Austin and won the match, it is as simple as that. I didn't screw Austin. Austin screwed Austin. And as far as SmackDown! is concerned? Don't worry too much Matt, I've got it covered."

"By the end of tonight, Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley will be a name emblazened in people's minds!"

"I really don't care WHAT you think! Because it's not about you J.R., it's about ME!"

"I am extremely proud of my father, my family's business and who I am, and I was never afraid to say so."\line Steph in her RAW Interview

"I'm gonna make her squeal like the pig that she is!"

"Come on, Dad, you know Mick would do anything for free food!" \line "Oh you didn't see Kane just kick me right in my face last night?! You didn't?!

"Well you know what, Kane is going to pay for the bruise on my face! My daddy is going to make sure of it when he gets here!"

"Have you seen Test anywhere, Michael?"

"Well good I'm gonna go find Test, because I've got a little message for him. Test is gonna learn once and for all to stay out of my family's business!"

"Get your hand out of my face! You know, last night when you interfered in Shane's match against the Big Show you got involved in family business and let me remind you Test, you are NOT family!"

"Dad has given the orders to take you out, once and for all!"

"No force of nature and no act of God can stop this Invasion from happening!"

"Nothing can stop WCW and ECW!"

"Last night the WCW/ECW alliance shoved the truth right down your throats!"

"We said the WWF is going to DIE, and it is!"

"You will not be able to stop the WWF from dying a slow and painful death, adn it's gonna happen right before your eyes!" "Stone Cold, we're all here to honor you. I said on Austin appreciation night that you were an insperation, what you did to Kurt Angle at Summerslam was inspiring. And then Kurt Angle comes and douses milk all over us, and puts the flames out of Austin appreciation night, disrespected Stone Cold Steve Austin and the Alliance. But then in an act of brilliance you doused Kurt Angle's hopes and dreams when you threw his medals over that bridge and they sunk to the bottom of that river. Stone Cold, that move it wasn't just inspiring it was life altering."

"If I had to guess, I'd say that Kurt Angle is probably taking scuba diving lessons at the bottom of the Detroit River."

"You know what Test, you're right, your career has been on a role that's why I came in here tonight. And if you really wanna soften the Rock up let's up the stakes. Let's make it a handicap match. Let's give the Rock a little taste of what Shane and Booker are gonna do to him at Unforgiven. We'll even let the Rock choose member of the alliance to team with you, tonight."

"Let's make sure that the Rock doesn't make it to Unforgiven!" \line "Test! Did you hear what the Rock said about me? The Rock said I was fast, the Rock said I was easy, and the Rock said I had NO testicles!"

"No, I appreciate that Test but you know what? I'm going to be your tag team partner tonight. Yes, we're gonna face the Rock in a handicap match and just like my brother's gonna do at Unforgiven I am gonna kick the Rock's ass! I'm gonna go get dressed!"

"Shane, quit arguing with me. No, I am going to team with Test and take on the Rock tonight... No, I have not talked to Hunter yet but I am sure that my husband would be supportive, as you should be!.. So what are you trying to say? That just because I am a woman I can't do something a man should do?.. Oh really? Well I'll have you know that in this very building I won the Woman's Championship and tonight I'm gonna be victorious again and I am going to kick the Rock's Ass!"

"Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to the man who is going to help me kick the Rock's ass, my tag team partner for this handicap match, Test!"

"Yeah, J.R., what do you think I'm afraid? My last name is McMahon!"

"You know what people are gonna call me JR? Their gonna call me the woman who defeated the Rock after this match tonight"

"If ya smelelelelelele what The Steph is cooking!"

"I`m offended you would even suggest such a thing!" -Stephanie to Stone Cold, after he asked if her and Kurt were warming up together!

"Vince is my father. I'm "Daddy's Little Girl." I simply want Daddy to realize that he is over the hill, that his time has come and gone. It's time for Daddy to step aside and let his children run things"

"Well, I hope that anyone would grow in two years. Certainly, I'm more mature and more experienced. Quite frankly, I think I'm a better person. I'm definitely still sweet.

"I'm charming. I have a nice smile. I have a good heart and treat people fairly. I think I'm definitely still a sweet person. "I could not be more cold to "Y2J." Jericho turns me off. That kiss--in case you weren't watching SummerSlam, Mr. WWF Magazine Writer--nearly made me vomit. As a matter of fact, I did vomit, just at the side of the ring. It was a dry heave, but it was disgusting. That was the second time Chris Jericho has kissed me, and I think his breath has gotten worse. I'm sure his teeth are rotting."

"Maybe..Chris Jericho could very possibly have a crush on me. Most men do."

"Maybe I'm a "slut" to my husband, but that's one man. I guess it all depends on your definition of the word."

"Would you like to be Mr. Unemployed? Because I can make that happen."

"Stephanie McMahon-Helsmley aka the Billion Dollar Princess and co-owner of the Alliance. And on November 18th at our pay-per-view, Survivor Series, my brother and I look forward to running our parents out of business. My charity is the American Red Cross." --Steph on Weakest Link

Ann: Stephanie, what do you call yourself?

SMH: The Billion Dollar Princess

Ann: The Billion Dollar Princess?

SMH: That is correct

Ann: Where'd you get the money from?

SMH: My daddy

Ann: Who's your daddy?

SMH: Vince McMahon

Ann: Never heard of him. Why haven't you got big muscles?

SMH: I have big muscles. [points to chest] I've got two big ones right here.

Ann: Why have you voted for Big Show?

SMH: Because he asked me not to vote him off first --Steph on Weakest Link

Ann: Stephanie? SMH: Yes, Ann

Ann: How old are you?

SMH: 25

Ann: What happens to old women wrestlers? Do they just get fat?

SMH: Do I look old? And I'd have to say I'm considerably younger than you.

Ann: Is the hairstyle intentional?

SMH: Yes, is yours?

Ann: Why Kurt?

SMH: Because Kurt took entirely too long.

--Steph on Weakest Link

Ann: Stephanie? SMH: Yes?

Ann: Is Trish prettier than you?

SMH: I'm sure a lot of people think so. But she did sleep with my father, that's why I voted her off. And was in compromising positions with my husband so.. --Steph on Weakest Link

"Well, my husband and I enjoy healthy competition as well as healthy other things and if I decide to punish him that'll be our business" -Steph on Weakest Link

"Dad. Let me start off by saying, daddy...daddy, that I've made some really really bad mistakes. I have..But I'm young, I'm naive. But dad, the biggest mistake I made was listening to my brother, Shane. This whole Alliance thing was Shane's idea. Shane bought the WCW and Shane had me buy ECW. Shane wanted to run you and the WWF out of business, dad, it was all Shane! And dad, Shane is the one who had me slap mom. You saw it, Shane grabbed mom and said 'slap her, hit her!' I didn't know what else to do. I did it and it was another big, horrible mistake. And dad, when I told you that I wanted you to die..that was all Shane's idea too! Shane told me to tell you that I wanted you to die, I don't want you to die daddy, I love you! I would never wanna hurt you, ever..never. And dad the only thing that Shane said that was not a mistake was what he just said in this very ring. You are the better man dad. Daddy, you are a genious! I mean Daddy, you had the Alliance snowed all along you knew what you were doing the whole time. I guess the only thing I really have left to say is..I'm sorry. I'm really so sorry, Daddy." --Steph to Vince after Survivor Series

Credit to-Truly Inspriational