The Legend and The Princess


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Home-The Main Page of this site show's all the updates
The Legend-Chris Jericho's Page, full of his bio,News,Names he calls other WWE Superstars and much more
The Princess-Stephanie McMahon's Page, same as Jericho's with news and her bio and much more
Gallerys-Pics of The Legend & The Princess
Songs-Like it says Song that remind me of Jericho and Stephanie
Fan Art-Some art i made and other people too
Fan Fiction-Some links to some good Fan Fic
Support-Inside is what and who i support and some of my support banners
Cliques/Campians-Some Cliques and Campains i joined
Awards-Some Awards I've won
Win My Awards-Awards i give out...i can't really give any out at this moment but you may send in the award you wish and i'll have it as soon as possible :)
WWW-Links, Link to me and all that crap lol
Extra Stuff-Like the title says Extra Stuf...