The Legend and The Princess



when Karla started her rant section I thought about seeing if I could write something on it but I wanted to wait until I found something that was worth writing about, and the past month or so in the WWE (eww backwards, coincidence or hint at how bad things are going to get? you decide) has given me that. The main thing I will talk about this time around, is the biggest problem that they have going right now in my mind and the minds of alot of fans from all over; that problem is HHH...aka the Lame Game*, aka HGH* (human growth hormone, a steroid he most likely uses), aka That Damn Insecure. A little background on HHH (The Lame Game if you will) he started out in the WWF (at the time) as a chubby, semi muscular wanna be rich snob who, even while constantly bringing different women with him to ringside nobody cared about at all. He had friends backstage however who were the most popular guys there at the time who were known for all their little political games, something that he learned pretty well it seems now. Fast forward a couple years to 1999, and HHH was getting to be champion for the first time, and still nobody cared about him at all; except for a certain bosses daughter. HHH won the title 2 times and nobody really cared, while Stephanie was "involved" with Test and people were pretty bored with that. How could they make either of them interesting? The answer was to have Stephanie wind up with HHH after acting like she didn't want to be, which made them both pretty unpopular...but in the way you want your bad guys to be so it worked. The problem was though that once HHH dumped his real life girlfriend (Chyna, just in case you didn't know) and got together with Stephanie, all of a sudden everything that went on had to have something to do with him; and if anyone looked like they were getting as popular or more popular than him he found a way to get involved in their storylines so that he could try and take away their momentum. A prime example of this was a certain Larger Than Life Living Legend 1st ever Undisputed Champion, and we all know who I'm talking about. The Ayatollah was more popular than the Shame from the second he walked in the door, and that along with HHH being jealous of his ex-girlfriend (Chyna) being with Jericho on tv led to HHH having a little problem with our (non Olympic) hero. So Jericho went his way and HHH went in another direction for the first couple of years, aside from Jericho beating him for the title (which led to some of the loudest applause ever heard on Raw) and having to give it back without getting a rematch because of a technicality ( jealousy counts as a technicality right) and a last man standing match, won by of course Stephanies boyfriend. Fast forward to early 2002 and finally the WWF seems to be getting it right because non other than our (non Olympic) hero is the 1st ever UN-dis-puted Champion. He spent the beginning of this year beating Rock and Austin over and over for his titles when unfortunately for all of us, the steroid freak with the big nose came back from injury to start his special brand of crap on tv again.

to be continued's getting long


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