The Legend and The Princess


Nina's Theory Part 2

I just had a cool idea for SummerSlam. What if during Chris's match, Stephanie came out, and to distract him to make him lose cause he left SD, she kissed him. I would like that.
Fully Loaded 2000- This is the PPV with the Last Man Standing match between Jericho and HHH. Now a little way into the match Jericho is on the outside, and looks over at Stephanie. We then see Stephanie blow a kiss at him. Mind you, it's in a sarcastic way. Now, you can say it was probably planned or something, but down to the very last detail like Stephanie blowing a kiss at Jericho. Doesn't seem likely. Now if they had a part where they told Stephanie to do something to show her disgust that's fine, but why would she choose to blow a kiss. There are plenty of things she could've done, such as flipping him off, sneering at him, or God forbid giving him the "evil" look, and yet she blew a kiss. Interesting, very interesting.
Wrestlemania X-8- Ok, as we all know this was the Undisputed Championship match between Jericho and HHH. Ok, so we also all know that Stephanie accompanied Jericho to the ring. Ok, now that we have established, let's get to the good stuff. Now, during the match Stephanie tries to interfere when HHH is putting the Figure 4 on Jericho. She turns around and HHH grabs her by the hair. So she gets on the bottom rope, and Jericho goes to spear HHH but instead spears Stephanie. So they both fall to the ground. Now when you look see her falling you can obviously tell it's a controlled fall, as she's holding the ropes, and she doesn't fall immediately. So now that we've established she's controlling the fall, let's establish why she falls breasts first into Jericho's face. Yes, that's right Jericho gets to see her implants face to...well breast. As she's falling you can see Jericho moving towards the ropes, presumably to roll out of the ring. Then Stephanie decides to fall. And you can see her holding the ropes, so it's not like she's free-falling. Then you can see her assets literally right in Jericho's face, and considering what she was wearing, he very well could've got a good look too. Now, this could have been an accident, but you can tell she's controlling how she falls, and he does move over to where she is, he isn't just there to begin with, he goes over there. So was this all a coincidence, or a very well-planned display of...affection?
Feb 21, 2002- This is the SD where Stephanie and Jericho become business partners. Now Jericho and Steph share a microphone throughout the segment. That's not unusal in the least. What is unusual is how they pass it off to one another. Right after Jericho says that he thinks Steph is a genius, she proceeds to take the microphone from her. Now it seems it would be simple enough to just hand the mic to her, but come on this is Jericho and Steph, nothing's simple with those two. If you notice they take an extended amount of time passing the mic, and incidentally their hands are touching each other. Now you don't have to touch hands to pass a mic, and demonstrated by the next mic pass they do, but yet they felt the need to touch hands?

This is all from Nina. Like on the first page it says this is just purely fun. She's not saying that there's something going on with them...but that maybe there's more than meets the eye. If you want to use this theory please make sure to credit Nina she did take her time to make this theory the best out there.