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The only and the true Mr. Monday Night comes to the ring

What an awesome was to kick off this weeks RAW. With my weekly dose of Jerichoholism lol. Anyways I was loving the whole kiss prints on his outfitI wonder whos lips where those ;). Eric a certified genius? Since when?. Now I bet Chris Irvinenot Jericho it must have been hell for him to say that! Yep thats right Jericho is a winner.not a looser unlike some of those fans lol. Hehe Ric IS a has-beendamn I wonder if his big announcement was his retirement??? On another noteI hope Hogan can do that soon! UGH! Cant this bastard just stay away for 5 damn minutes? Damn you HHH.all he came to do is steal Jerichos always. And the fact that he brought up the WM-X8 thingugh live on ass he was a great champunlike you!. HAHA Im loving the Cerebral Ass comment.which I might add is so true. Ok so he wasted 5 minutes of my Jericho dosejust to ask Chris is he ran over Shawnyblah!. Oh and another thingHHH should never eeeever question Jerichos intestinal fortitude!. Anyways moving onthe hell was this Interrupt Jericho Night?. Well at least RVD welcomed him to RAW lolWhoa what has Jericho been smoking?what have you been smoking Rob? And Damn it its Y2J not RVD!and oh yeah Im loving the Jericho Shuffle he did going up the ring lol That rulesbut of course one trained professionals such like Jericho should try such dangerous things lol.

Bubba Ray vs. Big Show Table Match

I was eating/watching at the same time lol. Anyways great match not match of the year lol but great match. Im loving this whole Trish/Bubba thing its cutetheir like the WWE odd couple. Props to Spike for bringing that Baltimore Ravens football helmet to the ring.wise child I tell ya! Lol

Terri/Anti American Promo

I agree with Terriwhat the ANTIyeah Ill call them AntiUN is just stupid lol. What the ANTI-Americans did to Taker was harshwaitwas it? Lol Anyways so I was watching and my dad was all Are they Canadian? I was all yeahhow do you know? I can tell by their accent. They have a accent? Lol I cant tell anyways Sergeant Slaughter vs. Testeh Ill give it 5 minutes to end lol.

GoldustBooker Tand Mini-Dust?

Booker T and Goldust promos theyre the comic relief .aside form Jericho on RAW lol always amuse me. Im loving the whole I shall call himMini-Dust LMFAO.wait Mini-Dust looks familiar.aside form looking like Goldust.I think I saw that person on MTVs True Life Im a Little PersonNo joke!!!. Hehe now its humping Bookers Leg lol. Blah and HHH had to ruin this! Oh no the sledgehammer Im so scaredugh Bite me! Lol

Bischoff/The Fink

Ohhh note to self go watch XXXand tell em RAW sent you lol. Hmmm I smell a Attack of the killer announcers lol. Oh a note from someone.its Stephy!. Anywaysok lets get one thing straight.Steph/Eric relationship.ugh dont make me puke!!! Thats just wrong pple! Hes like what 50 years older than her!

Test vs. Slaughter

Ohh the fire still burns *shivers*. Test really need to get rid of that shirtit aint working for him lol. Hehe for some odd reason the Sarge crack me uphis facial expression I dont know why lol. Oh well there goes Sarge.and there goes Test up the rampwas that it? Ok I predicted 5 minutesso I was 3 minutes off shoot me lol.

Molly, Victoria, Regal and Harvard ass promo

Ugh Chris really needs to go back to Harvardand get a hair cut lol. If Rico was their.erm lol. Wait how many Chris are there in the whole company?.Chris Jericho (My true love) lol, Chris Benoit ( The cute goofy missing tooth guy), and Chris Nowinski.ok its Christopherbut I shorten it up lol. Ohh this new chick Victoria was trained by Mollyshell kick ass in the ring. Ok no why the hell did that Harvard ass ask Victoria if Molly was a virgin.and not for long? Ugh you sick freak!

Booker T & Goldust vs. William Regal & Christopher Nowinksi

Wheres Mini Goldust???? Lol anyways. Mr. Term I mean Booker T and Goldie kick ass as a tag team.can they ever consider going for the gold?no wait Christian and Lance r the best tag team.right? Lol Great match I think Goldie got hurt half way but good way to suck it up and finish the match props to you Goldie .and of coursethe SPINAROONIEsuckaaaaaaaa lol.

The Cerebral Ass on a missiononce again

Ugh cant they get this ass off my TV for at least 5 minutes? UghCHRISTIAN *drool* ohhhh you sexy thing grrrr. Lol erm right, should they be scared of Takershould they be scared of the sledgehammer?.or should they really be scared of The Cerebral asses hug nose?? The world may never know lol.

Victoria vs. Trish

Yay Molly doing commentary! Anyways Victoria look like on tough cookie. Ugh ok King you really dont have to ask those perverted questions! Whoa now that sucksgetting hurt in a debut match *shakes head*waitthere goes Trish. Wow this chick had me fooled all along thinking she was hurt lol. Over all great match in the womans division.and Molly and Victoria can celebrateby beating up Trish lol. But remember Trish aint all just T& kick ass if its necessary lol

The Cerebral Ass on a missionpart5...nough I dont know who gives a damn!

Blah blah blah yeah we knowwho ran over Shawny..Ugh munchies break lol

Christian & Lance Storm w/ Test vs. Hardy Boyz Tag Team Titles

Hardy Booooooyyyyyyyssssss.erm sorry just had to do that lol. CHRISTIAN!!!!.now why cant they come out in his music? Anyways I thought for a moment there that they where about to loose.I almost spilled my milk all over me lol. But thanks god the ref called for a DQhe knew Christian and Lance where gonna kick some serious asshe didnt want it to get ugly ;). Noooo Takergo away damn itrun Christian run!!!! Yes they escaped.and Taker just stole a Police Bike *shakes head*.

The Battle of the Ring Announcers

Ohhhh I really gotta go see XXX now lol. I liked Lillians footnote.not The Finks..ok whats up with Bischoff and his obsession of 3 minutes?? Lol. No not those freaks!!! Run Lillian!!Damn u Fink! He pushed Lillian into thoseno *covers eyes*that was wrongjust wrongshes a ring announcer damn it not a trained professional! Eric is a ass he really is!

Chris Jericho vs. RVD

Yes Im so happy Jericho is back to main eventing!!! Its about damn time! Can you heard all of those cheers??? Just for him *sigh*.oh yeah *drool* perfect camera angle! Yumerm lol. Blah RVDok I hear no cheers for him lol. I was on the edge of my seat for this match some close calls but in the end a certain I need to retire dude had to interferer!!!Damn u Flair I never did like u!!! Blah the 5 star frog crap. Oh Flair dont you think youll just get away with this mwahahahahaha erm lol.

And the man is

Dude how many time must we see this ass in one night???.BlahShawny from Texas!!!!! Awww look at him *sniff*. Oh sure HHH you feel badbut then you pedigreed him like 2 weeks ago?. Shawny is right technology these days is great..I knew it..wait it wasnt that much of a surprise that it was the Cerebral Ass who did it! I mean dude it doesnt take a blind woman to see what he was trying to do.screwing with peoples minds till one of the innocent cracked and said it was them. Ohhhhh Shawny vs. Cerebral Ass at Summer Slam. I saw Shawny you kick *his* Crippled Ass!

More of:

1.Y2J baby!

2.The Anti-Americans


4.Molly being the great champ that she is

5.Trish and Bubba loving ;) lol

Less of:

1.The Cerebral ASS!!


3.HHHermI havent named him yet ;)

4.The Harvard ass

5.Crippled Hhes someone

Side note:

Good show I give it a 7 out of 10 cuz I got my Jericho dose.but it would have been better if they would cut on the Cerebral Ass quest to see who attacked Shawny!

Quote of the Nigh:

Wasn't it you who has experience in attacking people in parking lots you Cerebral Ass!"-Chris Jericho Amen!