The Legend and The Princess


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The Princess

Stephanie's Biography
    Stephanie McMahon

  • From: Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Career Highlights: Women's Champion

They call her the Billion-Dollar Princess, and perhaps no nickname is more appropriate.

Since birth, Stephanie McMahon has led a privileged life. The daughter of Vince and Linda McMahon, Stephanie has grown up in the sports-entertainment business. She lives, eats and breathes the World Wrestling Federation, and as a result, has developed one of the most cunning minds in the history of the industry.

Stephanie's rise to superstardom coincided with her surprise marriage to Triple H in November 1999. The couple wreaked havoc on the Federation during the ensuing "McMahon/Helmsley era," a time which even saw Stephanie become Women's Champion.

After The Game went down to a quadriceps injury in May 2001, Stephanie stayed on the sidelines for a few months, but the lure of the squared circle was just too strong. In July 2001, she revealed to the world that she had purchased Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), and she and her brother, Shane, formed the Alliance!

When the Alliance was driven out of business at the 2001 Survivor Series, Stephanie was again thrust to the sidelines. After returning with Triple H in January 2002, Stephanie and The Game began to have some marriage problems, and the "McMahon/Helmsley era" is now history!

You don't want to get on Stephanie McMahon's bad side. The Billion-Dollar Princess has shown time and time again that she's no one to be messed with -- and she always gets her way!

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