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Extra Stuff

A few Extra Stuff you might be intreasted in

Nina's Theory-Nina's theory of Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon
Nina's Theory Part 2-Yeah that's right Part 2!!!!
Roxie's Avatars-Some of Roxie's kick ass Avatars...if you use them for your site...please credit them to her...and to me...hey it took a while to upload them! lol
Predictions-My predictions on following PPV....right now King Of The Ring
PPV Results-King of The Ring Results
Raw 10 Cents-Heard of 2 cents 5 cents what about 10 cents?...well hear read my weekly opinion on Smack Down!
Smack Down 10 Cents-Coming soon!

RAW IS JERICHO!-Reasults for 7/29/02
Smack Down IS Stephanie-**Spoliers** for this weeks SD
Rants-Starting off with my Rant and then i will move on with your rants!...a place where you can express what you feel lol
Songs-Some S/J Songs

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