The Legend and The Princess


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The Legend


Bio-Chris' Biography NEW!
The Legend News-News on Chris Jericho
Jericho Names-Names Chris Jericho calls other WWE SuperStars NEW!
Jerichoholics Dictionary- Ever wonder who the hell Chris is talking about? Or what i'm talking about?? lol read this!
Tile History-All titles Chris has held
Y2J Theme Song-Lyrics to Chris' entrence music
Jericho's Time line-Everything in Chris' wrestling career
Y2J Debut-Read about Y2J's Debut
Say What?-Read some funny ass things Chris has said
Chris Favorite Matches-Some of Chris' favorite matches
The Man with 1,004 Holds!-Like it says The Man with 1,004 Holds!!
His Name Means-What Chris' name REALLY means
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