The Legend and The Princess


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Chapter 2


Stephanie looked at Chris. She can see it in his eyes that he was willing and accepting that he was the father of her unborn child. She nodded and faced him. He gave a small smile and said Im gonna be a daddy? She smiled at him as he walked towards her and asked her C-Can I feel it? she nodded and got his hand. His hand was trembling as she placed it on her abdomen. His eyes got all teary as he felt their un-born child. Stephanie couldnt help it, but a small tear rolled down her cheek. Chris got her hand and walked her over to the bed, were she laid down and he laid next to her, and put his ear over her abdomen. Stephanie played with Chris hair as she closed her eyes and heard him sing to their baby;

My baby

My sweet little bay

Made from heaven to be with us

Well love you from the day you come to us

Kissing you little finger tips

And your little toes

Keeping you away from all of our foes

Giving you all the love you need

Even though right now you may be a little seed

Our angel from above

Give to us to love

My baby

My sweet little baby

Made from heave

To be with us

And to give you all of our love.

Tears came down from Stephanies eyes as she hear Chris sing that. So little Jerky you hungry? he asked Stephanies belly, which caused her to laugh. What? he asked with a smile as he looked up at her. Well we dont know if its a little jerky or a little girl she explained. Well hes gonna be daddys little jerky is hes a boy. Stephanie rolled her eyes and laughed and Chris continued or daddys little girl he said as he kissed her hand. Stephanie smiled at him and lifted his chin as their eyes met she told him Thank you Chris.Thank you for accepting this. With that she gave him a kiss on the cheek, which left Chris stunned as she got up So how about lunch?. Chris laughed and said alright lets go, he got his keys and wallet as the both left the room.


Once they got to the lobby and got out of the hotel. As Stephanie was walking down a flight of stairs Chris got her from her back and held her hand. She looked at him and said Chrisits ok I can walk down stairs are you sure what about the baby? he asked her in a panicked voice. The baby will be fine, she said as she put her hand on his arm and smiled. Ok if you say so Stephy, he said a bit less worried tone. They got in the car and he opened the door for her. Ahhh such a gentleman she said laughing at your service he said bowing with a laugh, he got in the car and drove off. He was being very careful about driving too fast. Stephanies stomach growled as she saw on her side of the mirror and the speed Chris was going, and sighed, which caused the attention of the Blonde Canadian. Whats wrong Stephy?, she looked at him and said well a) Im starving to death here and b) your driving freaking 35 miles per hour in a 50 speed limit zone!. Chris looked over his rear mirror and saw about 5 cars behind him. Oh.well the- no Chris she interrupted him its not the baby it will-. No its no that- well what is it then? she asked a bit impatient. Well this is a rental car and I dont want you puking all over the car and having me clean it up he said with a smirk. Ugh shut up Jerky! she said as she hit him playfully on the arm. They pulled over at the mall and Stephanie asked Wha-what are we doing here?. Where going to eat Chris answered at the mall? there something wrong with that? Not its just that. just that what he asked Its just that I seriously do not want to be seen in public with you she said with a giggle. Well that makes you think I wanna be seen in public with you? he said joking and grinned at her. Ha ha ha real funny Jericho she said as she sticked out her tongue at him. They went in and people started to stare at them. Many knowing them and whispering hey its Chris Jericho.with Stephanie McMahon? What the hell? Oh look its Y2Jugh with that trash bag and some other mean things. Chris could see Stephanie was getting uncomfortable , he got her hand and gave it a squeezed of encouragement. She looked down at his hand, then at him and was greeted with a smile. She looked into his eyes and remembered how she expressed how she felt the night they made love.


They hold hands all the way to the food court. It didnt feel weird at all, Stephanie actually liked the way her hand fit perfectly on his hand. And the way he looked at her when he told a joke, those blue eyes which she can get lost forever in them. The got to the food court and Chris asked her So what do you wanna eat? Ummmm she said as she looked around the different varieties of foods Pizza she said smiling at him. When he looked at her she looked just like a little girl. A angel sent from above just for him. They way those angelic eyes looked at him and her smile. He smiled back at her and said Pizza for the Princess. Once they order they ate, funny thing is that if you would have been walking by them youd actually think they where friendsyoud actually think they where a couple. Chris arm where around her shoulders and her head on this shoulder telling child hood memories. Then there was this one time when I was in the back yard and my dad had told me to stay away from the bushesthe never explained to me why. So being the little pain in the ass that Im was- and still are she interrupted at with a laugh. yeah yeah Im he laughed and continued I had hidden one of my dads old Hokey stick in my tree house so as I was climbing down from it saw something in the bushesbeing so damn curious at age 8 I wanted to see what was in there. So a walked near the bush when I heard a loud LASH!. Next thing I know Im hanging upside down from my tree house. Poor little me screaming for help as my mom and dad came out to check on me. My mom was crying and my dad was just laughing once I was down he told me Son what did I tell you? Stay out of the damn bushes he said as Stephanie was laughing imagining a little Chris Jericho hanging from his feet from a tree house. Stephanie got up and said Im hungry Chris he looked at her shocked and said but Steph.we just ate hey Im eating for two here she said laughing and putting her hand on her belly, fine lets go Chris said as he got up. They each got a cinnamon roll and walked around the mall. When they came upon a baby store Oh my god Chris look a baby Store she said as he eyes lit up wanna go in? Chris asked her Ifif you want to she answered of course I do he said with a smile and both walked in the store hand in hand. They looked at some cribs both Imagining how their baby would look in there. Chris wondered off as Stephanie came upon the baby clothes. She saw the tiny little shirts and socks and shoes that just made her get all teary. Chris found her and saw he eyes were a bit teary. Steph? Whats wrong? he asked as he pulled her into a hug Nothingits just that these are so cute and I can see out baby wearing thesedamn pregnancy makes up all sentimental she said as she buried her face in his shoulder. Chris stoked her hair and said Shh Princess its ok I understandand true these little bootys are cute I know she said looking up And I found the cutest little outfit! she said as she got his hand a dragged him to the girls section. She pulled out a little pink outfit with little pink shorts and a little shirt with a matching hat and shoes. Isnt it so cute! she said as she handed it to Chris. Yeah but.I told you its gonna be Daddys little Jerky! Oh shut up Jericho she said as she hit his arm and continued looking for baby clothes.


After a long day at the mall they finally left and where driving the hotel. Stephanie had fallen asleep on the way. Chris looked over at her she looked so sweet and innocent as she sleep.and oh boy did he know she wasnt that innocent. Her arms where around her abdomen as it seemed like she was protecting their baby. The got to the hotel and Chris didnt want to wake her up to he carried her out the car. He got out of the elevator and his arms where getting a bit wobbly Note to self stop feeding her those damn cinnamon rolls he said under his breath as he reached his hotel door. He opened it and slowly put her in his bed not trying to wake her up. Tough luck because she stirred Shhh Princess go back to sleep he whispered and kissed her forehead. He was leaving when he felt her get his arm and said Dont leave me. again please her eyes looked so sad and he nodded and laid next to her. She got his arms and wrapped them around her waist letting them falls on her belly as she put her hands on top of his and said Night Chris. He smiled and said Night My Princessand my baby. Night fell as both of them fell each others armsclose to each other.needing each otherloving each otherand loving their baby.


So what did u think??? Say it sucks and Ill be happy loland why did Stephanie say dont leave me.again please..hmmmm ;)




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