The Legend and The Princess


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Chapter 3

This chapter will explain the meaning behind Stephanie saying Dont leave me.againplease


Lyrics from Kid Rocks Lonely Road of FaithI just like the song damn it! lol


Up and down that lonely road of faith
I have been there
Unprepared for the storms and the tides that rise
I've realized one thing, how much I love you
And it hurts to see, see you cryin'

I believe we can make it through the winds of change

Stephanie opened her eyes as the suns reflection hit them. She carefully opened them . She groaned as she saw what time it was 8:30 she was supposed to be at the arena by 9:30 and plus she had this huge headache and she did not remember a thing that happened the night before. As she tried to get up she looked at her right she saw a arma mans arm them she looked at her left closing her eyes wishing it wasnt who she thought it was. She opened them and saw Chris Jericho sleeping next to her his arm around her shoulders sleeping like a baby. Oh no oh god no please dont tell me I did this please god! she screamed in her head. She looked at the floor her clothes were laying. He eyes filled with tears she knew what she had done the night before. Then it hit her she and Chris had some drinksand the went to the hotel and they. WHY? Damn it WHY? she screamed, which caused Chris to jump and wake up. What the hell-? he said as he looked around and rubbed his head where the hell-YOU! he said as he saw Stephanie looking at him. What the hell are you doingwhat the hell Im I doingoh no I-we-you did this! God damn it! he said as he got one of the sheets and wrapped it around his waist and walked towards the bathroom. Stephanie Scrambled as she got a sheet followed him and said what do you mean MEYOU are the one who did thisyou-you drunk me then you used me and.and you had sex with methis is all YOUR fault Chris Jericho! said pointing at him. He turned around My fault?Im sorry but Im not the one sleeping around with everyone in the whole damn company!. Ugh you ass whole! she screeched and slapped him. Dont you ever say things that you dont even know are true or not! she said as tears filled her eyes and she walked over to get her clothes. Chris rubbed his cheek and he felt the red-ness of the slap. And he saw her crying as she got her stuff. He suddenly feltbad for her. Im sorry he whispered which caused her to look up what did you say? she said whipping away tears I said Im sorry StephIm sorry for saying that about you well you should be! she said as she got up and passed by him slamming the bathroom door behind her. Oh god! he said as he hit the wall. Which startled Stephanie inside the bathroom. Chris walked over to the small couch and sat there his hands on his head as he sighed what did I just do.

God is great indeed
If you believe, in the everlife
Yeah we gotta
Make some sense of the piece that's not defined
And if you just hold on, I wont let ya fall
We can make it through the storms and the winds of change

Chris got to the arena as soon as Stephanie left his hotel room. They exchanged a few insults and wordsand at the end it caused him another slap and Stephanie left crying. He looked at himself in the mirror of the car door and saw on both sides where Stephanie had slapped him. Well she could of at least hit me in the same place he mumbled. He pulled over at the arena and got his stuff and headed to his locker room. On his way there he bumped into Kurt. Hey Chris---holy sweet mother of god what the hell happened to you? what do mean? he asked acting as if he didnt know. I mean on you look like crap and two you have these red marks on both of your sidethe hell happened?. Oh well I didnt get enough sleepand these babys he said as he pointed to his sides I was asking some chick for someyou know what and we said later he said with a grin. Does later for her meanslapping you twice? Kurt asked laughing yeah something like that Chris answered laughing. Alright man take it easy with em slaps Kurt said as he walked away shaking his head and laughing. Chris smiled and walked towards his locker room. He put his stuff down and started getting ready. As he was tying his boots he stopped and took a while to remember what had happened the night before.

~You know youve always had pretty eyes he smiled and said Thats crazy talk no really Ive always love your eyes. Just like I love you he spat out, she looked at him in shock. What did you say? No-- nothing I said nothing Yeah you said you loved you?. He looked at her she wasnt all the sudden just a drinking buddy she was the woman whom he fell head over heels for. I said I love you Stephanie McMahonever since I saw you.ever since you first spoke to me Ive been head over heels in love with you it might seem like I can give a rats ass about you.but a care about you~

He shook his head had he really told her about how he felt about her thenand how he feels about her now? . He couldnt deny that was he had said last night wasnt true. He did care about her ever since he first laid eyes on her, ever since they first spokehe might have said some cruel things to her.but he never meant anything he said. He always said those things to get attention from her. The way she looked at him when he called her a trash bagher blue eyes looking at him just him. Sure it might sound odd to get a girls attention that way.but he didnt care what he had to do, get hit in the head with a chair a couple of times anything to get her attentionand to see her smile. Everything he said before wasnt true but what he last night was true I love you Stephanie McMahon he said as he sighed and walked out of his locker room.

Though I walk through the valley of darkness
I am not afraid
Cause I know I'm not alone

Stephanie walked down the arena halls ways the nerve of that ass to say all those things about me ugh I just hate him! she thought to herself. She was going to the womans locker room her get some stuff she left the night before. She stormed in there, which caused all the Divas look up as she slammed the door. She looked at them and said what the hell are you guys looking at?. Oh Mrs. Helmsleyoops I mean Miss. McMahon had PMS Stacy said with a giggle. But a cork in it Stacy! Stephanie shot back. As she brushed passed Lita and Molly who where standing by the bathroom. As she went into the bathroom and slammed a door shut and began to cry. Trish looked inside the bathroom hearing the sobs of Stephanie. You guyswhy dont you go outside or something I think Steph needs sometime alone. All the Divas nodded and left Stephanie cried as she heard I didnt know it was gonna upset her so much Stacy said Get a clue Stacy she was dumped in front of thousands Lita answered. Trish walked down the row of bathroom hearing the sobs. Stephanie heard footsteps as she said Leave me alone. Trish found the bathroom where Stephanie was. Stephanie looked down and saw silver go-go boots and she knew who it was. Trish opened the door slowly and saw Stephanie huddled in the corner crying mascara running down her cheeks. Stephwhats wrong? the Canadian blonde asked as she stepped in. Like you care she said as she looked up. I doSteph I know we have our difference and hell we never see eye to eyebut I do care about you you know that she said as she kneeled next to her. No one cares about meand you sure as hell would careless. Steph dont say thatI knowI know I made your familys life a real living hellbut I want you to knowthat no matter what happened in pastwont change the fact that Im your you realize it or not. Stephanie whipped a tear and said really?, Trish nodded and said yes with a smile now tell me whats wrong?. You wouldnt understand try me I have all day Trish said as she sat next to her. I made the stupidest mistake of my life last nightI-I. Come on Stephtell me I slept with Chris Jericho! she said as she began to cry again. Those words echoed through the whole bathroom I slept with Chris Jericho!. Trish shook her head what?what do you mean you slept with himas a sleep over- No Trishliterallywe where both drunk and-and one thing lead to another.. And I-I woke up this morningnext to him she said as she began to cry more. Trish put her arm around Stephanies shoulder and pulled her into a hug Its ok StephIts ok, No its not she said looking up. He-he-he said he loved me!. Trish eyes widen as she heard that and Stephanie continued And-and I love him too. Trish closed her eyes as she heard Stephanie say that. She cried some more and Trish hugged her tightlyknowing she had no one elsebut her now.

And if the wind blows east, would you follow me
And if the wind blows north, would ya stay your course
And if the wind blows west, would ya second guess
And if it blows to the south, would you count me out
And if the sun don't shine, would you still be mine
And if the sky turns grey, would you walk away
Would you say I do, if I say I'll be
And walk this road through life with me
You know I love youuuuuu

Chris walked down the hallways of the arena when he bumped into Mike Keota. Hey Mike Chris said Hey Chrisumm listen someone is looking for you really? Who? . I dont know she said she knew you from back home in Winnipeg. She? he said as he arched an eyebrow. Yeah Sheshes waiting for you out there by the ring ok thanks Mike he said as he walked towards the ring wondering who the hell this was.

Stephanie was in front of the mirror with Trish she stopped crying once Trish gave her some words of encouragementand some funny storys. They say this crap is supposed to be waterproofmy ass Stephanie said laughing as she washed her face. Damn those cosmetics people Trish said with a smile yeahdamn them Stephanie said with a smile. The first time Trish had seen her smile.since forever. Cmon lets go down to the ring for what? Stephanie asked confused. So you can practice some wrestling.and make fun of the other Divas Trish said with a grin. Your evil Trish Stratus you know that? Of course.I learn from the best she said as she nudge Stephanie and laughed. They both walked back into the locker room. As Stephanie got ready.

Chris walked down the ramp with Kurt who he had cough up with on his way there. So man tell me again what are we doing here? Mike told me someone was looking for mesomeone that knew me back in Winnipeg really? Kurt asked curios as he arched his eyebrow and Chris laughed. What? Whats so funny since when do you become a cross over between The Rock and Austin?What? he said ad both men laughed. Kurt looked into the ring as he saw all the Divas practicing some wrestling. Oh yeah note to self Kurt.before a showshow up early and get down her quick! Chris shook his head in disapproval. You sick Angle well excuse me JR Shut up Austin WHAT? Kurt responded laughing and said So who is this chick that we are- CHRIS! both turned around and saw her Ummm I guess our question has been answered as the woman walked towards them.

Trish I cant believe you convinced me to wear these shorts Stephanie said as she tried to pulled them down as much as she could. Im sorry thats all I had left No you didnt you didnt let me wear those pants I knowIm so evil she said with a grin. Ha ha real funny Stephanie said as they both began walking down the ramp. You know what Trish I really like-.Trish? Stephanie said as she turned around and saw Trish standing there just looking down the ramp.

Krista? Chris asked at the blonde woman who smiled at him and nodded and hugged him. Kurt felt out of placer and he said Umm yeah Im just gonna go sit over there he said as he walked away. After they pulled away Chris said what are you doing here? well I live down here she said with a smiled. Really?wow youve changed a lot Krista well of course you havent seen me since what high school.and you dont look so bad you self she said as both of them laughed. So. so she said as she looked around. This is weird yeah I know she answered. But- he was cut off by her lips kissing his. She broke the kiss and looked into his eyes she opened her mouth to speak but couldnt because his lips were now kissing hers.

Stephanie looked at the direction Trish was looking at. As he stomach dropped and heart broke. She sawthe man that she loved with all her heart kissing someone else. Tears filled her eyes as she shook he head and walked slowly backwards. Finally she broke into tears and ran pass Trish. StephStephanie she said as she ran to catch up to her. What neither of them saw was Kurt.he saw everything and he knew why Stephanie was crying.

On this lonely road of faith
On this lonely road of faith


I know I know who sad.but this was all I could think of while listening to Lonely Road of Faith lol. But dont worry the next Chapter I promise will be happier. And taking place in the feature not the past. This was just explaining to what Stephanie meant when she said that to Chris not to leave her again.

Chapter 1 Chapter 2  more coming soon :)