The Legend and The Princess


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Chapter 5

Ok here the next part


One night during Smack Down Chris had a match against Hogan , Hogan went for that big leg drop of his and while he could of pinned Jericho he flaunted around the ring listening to his Hulkamanics . Then Stephanie ran down the ring with a chair since the ref was knocked out she got in the ring and hit Hogan right in the head. She got out of the ring as quickly as she could as she saw Chris starting to get up. Jericho went for the Loinsault and the for the cover the ref counted 1.2.3. As Jerichos hand was raised in victory Stephanie stepped into the ring and looked at Jericho as he pushed the ref away. They met eye to eye as you heard Michael Cole and Tazz do commentary. Oh Cole these two have some history together! Yeah I mean Stephanie was in Jerichos corner during WM-X8 where Triple H beat him for the 1.2.3 and she lost Jerichos chance to become Undisputed Champion! Why dont you cry a river Cole what I want to know is what is Stephanie McMahon doing back? She was banned from the WWE back in April!. Chris stepped closer not keeping his eyes off of her. They havent seen each other since she was banned from the WWE (storyline wise). You could hear the crowd filled with boos other with cheers wanting to know what was going to happen next. Stephanie didnt hesitate and she too walked a bit towards Jericho. Cmon what is this Cole Im in suspense I wanna know what is going on here! Not just you Tazz but all of the fans watching here tonight. Finally what seemed for a eternity Chris broke into a smile in which Stephanie returned. What the-? Jericho is smiling at Stephanie McMahon? This is just to weird these too relationship is full of hate Tazz I know but why are they smiling at each other!. Chris walked over to Stephanie and hugged her! The fans went partly crazy partly pretty much booed . Oh my God! Tazz Stephanie McMahon and Chris Jericho are hugging each other!. Chris pulled away from the hug and brought Stephanie into a passionate kissKing of The Ring 2000 stylewell with out her struggling and acting like she didnt like it (well all know the truth *^_^*). Ha not anymore Cole know they are kissing each other! This is great I always knew they dug each other Dug each other? Stephanie helped Jericho eek a victory then they smile then they hug now they kiss?? I mean this is Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon we have well documented their rivalry! Oh stuff it Cole and enjoy the Kodak moment check out those two love birds in the ring. Chris broke their kiss Stephanie looked into the eyes of the man she loved and mouthed I love you to him he smiled and got her hand, he hold the ropes for her ad she step out of the ring and so did he. They walked up the ramp hand in hand leaving the fans and the world shocked. What was that Tazz? Stephanie Helped Jericho out.then they kiss and they leave hand in hand? What is going on? Cole are you really that stupid? Its obvious that Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon just let the whole world know how they feel about each otherthey love each otherCole hand me a tissue This love fest is making me sick Tazz well deal with it haha.

Smack Down came back from commercial break as Michael announced what the camera caught during the break. Ladys and Gentlemen this is what out camera caught on tape during the commercial break Oh this is good Cole


HHH stormed into Chris Jerichos Lockeroom where is she? Huh Jericho?. Chris got up from him chair and said ever so innocently who are you talking about Hunter? you know who the hell Im talking about Im talking about Stephanie I saw you two making out in the center of the ring I know shes in here!. And why does that matter you? a voice said Hunter turned around and saw Stephanie I mean you did humiliate me on national television you did stuck me down!you are my ex-husband The hell with that Stephanie what the hell are you doing here? Your not supposed to be here you were banned from- The WWFface it Hunter its the WWE now meaning Steph is free to join the rooster once again. HHH looked at Chris and said and why the hell do you look so happy huh? I mean she did make you loose your only shot at the title. Chris narrowed his eyes and looked like he was about to punch him but Stephanie out her hand on his shoulder and shock her head. Chris took a deep breath and looked up to Hunter and said I tell ya what Hunter if you want to prevent a Ass kicking a suggest you get you snot nosed punk ass out of my roombut if you want a ass kicking stick aroundits you choice. HHH narrowed his eyes and said Listen Steph dont you think youre getting away with this just coming back here making out with this ass in the middle of the ring you still have to explain. Oh dont worry Hunter me and Chris will explain all of this next Thursday she said with her famous smirk


Whoa what did Stephanie mean when she said that next Thursday she and Y2J are gonna explain everything I dont know Tazz but it sure sounds fishy you mean smells fishy no sounds fishy You know what Jericho was right a few months ago eked is not a word and its smells fishy youre a commentator grab a thesaurus damn it! Hehe I love Jericho he has that smash mouth style in the ring and in the mic hes so hilarious

Yeah and hes a real pompous jackass Ah stuff it Cole your just jealous because a) your not half as good looking as Y2J is and b) you can never get a woman like Stephanie to dig you I would never want a woman like Stephanie Nosomeone like Rico then? Hehe.

**One Week After Thursday Smack Down**

Beautiful People played as the pyro exploded and Smack Down was on the air. Footage of Stephanie and Chris kissing then of Stephanie telling Hunter that she and Chris will explain everything to the world tonight!

Backstage Stephanie and Chris where in their Lockeroom with Trish and Kurt they where the only ones who knew about what they were gonna say out there. So are you guys sure you wanna tell the whole deal? Trish asked Yeah its time people knew the truth Steph responded. You mean the real deal about you and Chris and Yeah Kurt thats what she meant Trish said laughing at the Olympic hero. Kurt my dear friend.yes the whole deal Chris said smiling at his friend. Stephanie munched on some chips and took a sip out of her soda as all eyes fell on her what? Havent you seen someone eat chips before? Yeah but not with that much of encouragement Kurt said oh shut it Trish said as she hit Kurt playfully on the arm. Thats nothing last night we ordered some pizzalittle Daddys little girl over here ate about 5 slices! Damn Trish said loudly which caused Kurt to look at her oddly umm sorryI just had to say that she said as she turned red. Its OK Trishbut the doctor said I was going to be getting cravings and all that. Cravings huh? None of that pickles and ice cream stuff right? Kurt said with shiver. No!thank god Chris said laughing. Hmmm ice cream and pickles dont sound that badthanks Kurt see what you did Kirk Angel! Chris said which caused all of them to laugh. Well want the rest of my chips Trish? Where about to go out and I dont wanna puke in the middle of the ring nah no thanks I have a match tonight I dont wanna puke out there well if you dont want them Ill have them Kurt said as he got the bag . Stephanie snickered as Kurt put his hand inside the bag what?.is this a joke or something? Stephanie put on a serious face and said No of course notI mean their chips Kurt right he said as he shrugged and got some chips and ate them. Stephanie was trying t hold back the laugher, which made Chris and Trish, looked at her as if she was crazy. Mmmm there are. Kurts face seemed to turn different shades of green as he dropped the bag and ran to the bathroom. Which finally got Stephanie to burst out laughing. All they heard was Kurt puking. He came back and said what the hell did you put in that? Some mustard and hot sauce to top it off she said with a smirk. Ewww gross both Trish and Chris said You can say that again Kurt responded.

Tazz were still waiting for the big announcement/explanation that Stephanie McMahon and Chris Jericho are going to give tonight yeah and my sources tell me that its good news really? Are you sure Stephanie isnt just using Jericho? Oh shut it Cole! Your just jealous of Y2J yeah well- Mitchell was cut off by Stephanies music. Oh and it seems that we dont have to wait longer! Stephanie appeared at the top of the ramp . The crowd booed as they saw her walking down the ramp. She ignored boos as she made her way down the ring. Man look at Stephanie Cole she looks better than she ever has yeah whatever. Cole why do you hate these Stephanie? I need to know straight out well Tazz I dislike Stephanie becausewell shes just a jezebel!. Stephanie stepped into the ring and looked at the crowd then walked across the ring and got the mic and spoke into it. You know I know that all of you want to to know what I Stephanie McMahon Im doing back here in the federation- .Yes she and said that she will explain it all Cole said. Shh Cole Stephanie is speaking . You know when I left the WWE last April it was to worse day of my life! Hunter humiliated me in front of thousands and before that the night of our wedding vows her called me a no good lying bitch!. The crowd cheered as she said that she narrowed her eyes and said Yeah and I bet you all enjoyed singing you little na na na na hey hey hey song! .Yes we did Zip it Cole. Well incase you all forgot I was banned from the WWFnot the WWE.sure it might not seem like a whole lotbut see then something else happensomething that really changed my life- Oh this is good shes getting to what they are going to explain Cole. The night that Hunter kicked me out of the WWE I admit I was upset I was raising hell.but then someone comforted mesomeone who I thought we would never eeeever see eye to eye that person was no other than Chris Jericho! Stephanie said as Chris music hit and he walked down the ring smiling at her the whole time. Tazz did Stephanie McMahon just say that Chris Jericho comforted her the night HHH made her leave the WWE? Yes Cole are you death? Stephanie said that loud and clear. Chris got in the ring and hugged Stephanie then gave her a light kiss on the lips. She smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist. This man right here Chris Jerichothe love of my life was there for me through that terrible tough time.I was traumatize really I was she said putting on her best innocent look. Oh this is so fake Tazz You know what Michael do me a favor.sit there and shut your mouth I wanna know whats going on. Stephanie handed the mic to Chris and he said Sure many of you might say what the hell is this? Stephanie and Y2J never have seen eyetheyve always hated each other wrongsure I must admit I disliked Stephanie sometimesbut I never meant anything that I told her-. The crowd booed as Chris said that But you know what you might want us to just get to the point he said as he got on of Stephanies arm and faced her and said Stephy baby I think this people want to know what this whole deal is about. She nodded and got the mic Ok so heres the deal Hunter I explain my self partly why I came backI was kicked out of the WWF no WWE yeah yeahbut another main reason is.well how can I say this?.me and Chris have been together for a while nowand we dont live togetherwait we might have to live together now she said as she smirked as Chris and he did a little drum roll. What did she just say that she and Jericho will have to live together now? indeed she didso cmon Steph tell us. The reason. she made a long pause and said Because Chris Jericho is going a daddy!. A what? Chris Jericho is going to be a father? What how Easy Cole first you get two people I know how it works but Stephanie McMahon to be a mother I feel sorry for that unborn baby! It has a mother as a jezebel and a jackass father!. Shut it Cole be happy for these two their going to be a family.oh look what a Kodak moment that is!. In the Ring Chris had his ear over Stephanies belly with a huge smile on his face. He got up and kissed her forehead. Hold the ropes of her and walked out of the ring. Once they where on top of the ramp he talked into the mic and said Well at least I did something that HHH couldnt do.I got Stephanie Pregnant for real with that he brought Stephanie into a deep kiss.

Oh I hope I set my VCR for this once ColeI hope the fans did to Tazz voice said through the TV. That Bitch! Hunter yelled as he knocked over the lamp in his lockeroom. They both going to pay! he said as he slammed shut the door of his room.

About 3,000 miles away in a small little apartment it was a mess things thrown everywhere. And woman sitting on the couch crying with a Picture frame as she hugged it tightly saying she wasnt supposed to be one I was I wasI was- she looked up at her TV as Michael Cole explained what had just happen as they showed the footage of Chris with his ear over Stephanies belly then of them kissing each other. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ME!!!! the woman screamed as she threw the picture frame at the TV, which cause the frame to break. A picture of her and Chris Jericho.


DUN DUN DUN!!!! Lol whats to happen next? I know this one was a bit crappy the muses werent really working but the next chapter I will be better promise. So is Hunter going to make Stephanie and Chris paywho was the psycho woman (you probably already know who it was but just go along with me ok lol). And what the hell was she talking about said She wasnt supposed to be the one I was DUN DUN DUN. R&R please!! *^_^* .Will Mitchell Cole ever shut the hell up? And did Tazz set up his VCR for that night?? Lol Check out the next Chapter coming soon